I am watching the news this morning, drinking my coffee, and trying to decide what mat workout I am going to do today. They start talking about Holiday tipping. The lady says, “think about who makes your life easiest.” There is one person that immediately popped into my head. The man who helps me load my groceries in the car each week.

At first, I hated it. It made me so uncomfortable. I am a physically fit young woman. I don’t need the extra help. I can manage by myself. Even if I do have my toddler with me. This store doesn’t take no for an answer. Normally, that would have been something that could have made me decide to shop elsewhere. Is that weird? That too much help made me uncomfortable? Maybe, but I just felt like other people could use it before me. However, their produce and meat selection is to die for. Amazing quality. So when it came down to it, I decided to suck up my pride and accept their assistance.

At the deli

At the deli. Notice he is walking and not in a cart. He doesn’t like to sit in the cart at the grocery store.

As time and months went on I just got used to it. We go every Monday or Tuesday. Lately it has been Mondays after swim class. We tend to see the same people. In particular, the same very nice man bags and carries our groceries to the car. He doesn’t even let me help get them in the car. He told me a couple times to just worry about Jack. By the time I get Jack all buckled in, he is done putting everything in my car. He is always very friendly, we have little chats. As soon as he sees us in the store he says hi and asks how we are.

He is the definition of making my life a little easier. I could manage without his help, but his help makes one process slightly easier. I started to google grocery images for this post, about grocery shopping with kids. I found a lot of blog posts about why they hate shopping with their kids, tips to get through it, etc. I can admit, it can be stressful. We have had less than stellar trips. But the truth is, I LOVE shopping with Jack. Even though the potential for a tantrum is always there. More than not, we have fun. It is usually around check out that he gets antsy. Which is why the help is so nice. I don’t hate shopping with him though. He knows a lot of his fruits and vegetables because we shop together. We chat, I talk to him a ton. I think that is why he speaks so well. Every shopping trip we have ever taken together, hundreds at this point, I have narrated our whole trip to him. You won’t find this to be a why I hate shopping with my kid post. But I will say there are tough moments and tough days, and that little help at the end of a grocery trip can be so helpful during those moments and days.

Jack was very upset that he couldn't have his pumpkin whoppie pie while shopping. This is at checkout, when I had it scanned and finally gave him one. One of those, I could use some help trips

Jack was very upset that he couldn’t have his pumpkin whoppie pie while shopping. This is at checkout, when I had it scanned and finally gave him one. One of those, I could use some help trips

The funny thing about this all is last week I thought I need to get him a card and a tip for Christmas. I even told my husband about it last Monday evening. I just let him know we would be doing that and why I felt we should. He agreed with me. We are not the stingy tip type of people. We truly appreciate when people help us out and are happy to tip well. I knew it wouldn’t be an issue, but I like to keep him up to date on these kinds of things. So it really struck me this morning when I heard it on the news. I don’t think I will give him a card today, I don’t have one yet, but I think maybe next week.

Is there anyone in your life you plan to give an extra tip to for the holidays? Have you started tipping yet? Have you done it in the past? Do you not do it at all? If not, why?