I decided to start Elf on the Shelf this year. At first I was skeptical. I have been seeing all the ideas online since before last Christmas. I kind of thought the elf was creepy looking. At one point I remember even showing Jason a photo and saying, “this is a cute idea but this elf is super creepy.” He agreed. I thought about substituting the elf for something else, a snowman perhaps.

Then I looked into it a little more. I found out that it has a lovely book that comes with it explaining the elf. I looked at several sites with all the cute ideas. Slowly, I started to become sold on the idea. I purchased the set on Amazon around Thanksgiving time. Last Sunday I opened him up. I read the story to Jack. He LOVED it. He loves books. He has this deep passion for books and for reading. It makes me so happy, he gets that from me. I still read every single day. I get lost in books at night before bed.

I realized that we have to name the elf. I was not sure what to do about that. I did not want to name him myself, this is Jack’s elf. He is just shy of two years old but he is very verbal. We asked him what the Elf’s name was. His reply? “Pretty!” At first we thought, well we won’t give him a name then, let Jack try again next year. I thought about it though, and after some suggestions that we keep it Pretty, I have decided to indeed keep the elf’s name.

Introducing Pretty the elf!

photo 1

photo 2

I haven’t gotten overly creative this year, so far, at least. I think I am keeping it simple. He is not even 2, so I don’t know that he would appreciate over the top scenarios.

I am just happy about the following:

  • He understands who Santa is. He will say “ho, ho!” If you mention Santa. When I told him about Pretty after he found it the first day, I said he goes to the North Pole and lets Santa know that you are a good boy. Jack cut me off and said “HO HO!”
  • If I ask him to find the elf in the morning, he knows what I am talking about and starts to look for it. He actually heads back to the last area Pretty was hanging out. But I gently guide him to explore other parts of the house.
  • He listens when I say he cannot touch the elf. I explained that he has to leave the elf alone. He did not touch him once. Two days so far, Pretty was in reach of his little hands, and there Pretty stayed, untouched, all day and night.
  • He asks me to read the Elf on the Shelf book often.

I think next year I will step up the creative game. He will understand it even more and he will be familiar with this concept. Sometimes, simple is good. I am a creative person  by nature. I always go balls to the wall, excuse my phrase, but really it is true, when it comes to creative things. Jason says I put too much pressure on myself, but I use my above term to describe myself. I put all of my energies into creative tasks. It could get out of hand. But when your only child is not yet 2 years old, simplicity is sometimes the best route.

I am still deciding where Pretty will go today. I will likely be gone when Jack wakes up. Today is a class day for me. I already went over the details of finding Pretty with Jason. I will let him know the location before I go. I still think he is kind of creepy looking, but he is also beginning to grow on me. I think….