I love Pilates Mat work. I have this deep passion for it. I have mentioned this before in previous posts. There is this grace and beauty in it. Especially as you begin to truly practice Pilates. Once you begin to find preciseness in the moves, it is like a dance on the mat.

My mom introduced me to Mat class when I was in high school. She took my aunt and me to a class through the park district. Full disclosure here, I am 27. I will be 28 at the end of April. So, you can see how long that it has been part of my world. I usually don’t like admitting my age. I am dreading the 3-0! I fell in love after the very first class we went to. As time has passed I have discovered the true beauty of it.

I love that if you break it down to it’s most classic form, you don’t need much more than your own body. Sure, a mat would be nice for comfort on the spine and to assist with not slipping, but beyond that, you don’t need all the accessories. I enjoy the accessories a lot, but if you are in a pinch, you can do a good and tough session anywhere. You are using your own body to tone your own body. Your body is finding the grace in the work. If you think I am exaggerating then I dare you to lay down and come up into a full teaser right now. That is not easy and it takes practice and strength to achieve that.

I always used to mix mat work in with my running. I quit running almost 6 months ago. I have entirely replaced it with mat work. I do some Reformer at times, as well as Cadillac work. But, ahhh, Mat work, is nearly daily for me. I have never felt or been so strong in my life. I thought running was the thing for me. Run run run and then run some more. I didn’t truly get to appreciate the long lines and defined muscles of my body until I started really focusing on my Mat dedication. I am more limber and loose. I have used the word grace(ful) over and over in this post, but truly, that is the word to describe this work.

I want to pass the love of Mat on to other people. I want everyone in the world to feel this way about it. That is a big want, and unattainable, but a gal can try, can’t she? Today I plan to do 50-60 minutes of mat work. It is Sunday. The husband is home. If the toddler wakes  up, they can be buds. I can take some peaceful time for myself. I tend to do quicker sessions during the week, in the morning. Between 30-40 minutes. Today I am taking time for myself.

Mat work yesterday. I had no idea my husband was taking this photo (creeper!) But he actually did a good job and it came out well

Mat work yesterday. I had no idea my husband was taking this photo (creeper!) But he actually did a good job and it came out well