Part of my evening yesterday included this final confirmation.

mat schedule (2)

I knew that this was coming. I had been talking to the studio’s owner, my teacher, earlier in the week. I knew it was going to be added to the Winter II schedule. It didn’t sink in until I opened this email. I was sitting with  my very sick toddler on my lap. Watching Cars 2 for the millionth time. I think it was Cars 2, at this point all Pixar films are starting to blur together. We had a 2 hour trip to the pediatrician. I waited for over an hour with my sick toddler to even see a Dr! Then we had to go to the store to pick up what he needed. It was exhausting. I was home, cuddling him because he was in pain and upset. I was scrolling through my inbox and saw one from my studio. I held my breath and opened it, scrolling down. Hoping that it would be there, and yes, it was! I was so thrilled. I called my husband in the room to look at my screen. I even called my mom.

Why was I doubting myself as I scrolled through the email? I had been told it was being put on the schedule. Still, I held my breath. I suppose I was trying to not count my chickens before they hatched. I still have to hope people sign up! That is the next step. I need people to attend! If that all goes well I begin my class January 23rd.

I can do this. I am nervous and the reality is really sinking in. But this is what I want to do. This is what I want my career to  be. I just need to get this first group class out of the way. I have done private sessions. Heck, I have done private sessions with my husband. He does not sugar coat it for me. He is tough to train and I have trained him several times. I know mat work inside and out. I have my first class developed. Their abs will be screaming after my ab set. Their arms will be screaming after I am done with leg pull downs and pushups. I know because mine are when I am done with both of those parts of my class. I need to keep some confidence in my mind and just get past this first class. The rest will come with more and more experience.

With that I am off to go through my whole class myself.