I have been feeling on top of the world as a parent for the last week or so. It is one of those peaks in parenting where things just seem to all fall into place. Tantrums are at a very minimum state. Things are happening left and right. We are busy, but it is a good busy. There are lots of things I wanted to write about, but that would be a 40 page post. I have picked just one triumph.

This week I had to leave three times for Pilates related things. Two evenings and Saturday morning. Jack did not throw even one fit that I was leaving. He was able to hug and kiss me goodbye. He waved bye bye and even walked me to the door one night. I have been doing things outside of the house since September. This was a long time coming. He didn’t always throw a total fit, but it was often that I left home with a heavy heart. One time, my teacher even told me to go home and be with Jack. But this week, something changed. When I got home all three times he was over the moon to see me. Running through the house screaming, “mom!” over and over. He couldn’t run to me fast enough. Threw himself into my legs or arms and hugged me. He then went on to tell me all about the things he did or was doing.

our little family this weekend

our little family this weekend

Someone asked me how I felt about this. The fact that he wasn’t devastated to see me leave. I thought for a second. I feel proud, I told her. I am proud of him. I truly am. We have had some rough separation moments. They shred my heart to pieces. I cannot think of anything  but him when that happens. I felt so guilty for pursuing something for myself. I felt like I don’t need to work, so why am I doing this? He just wants his momma, his normal life balance. Me at home with him all the time! I am ruining him for life. These are thoughts I would have on the worst separation moments. I didn’t feel hurt or sad that he was ok with me leaving. I felt this immense sense of relief. I felt relaxed. I felt as if we worked so hard to get to this moment.

I am not crazy, I know we will probably have moments again where he doesn’t want me to go on a particular day. I am sure this isn’t going to be easy every single time I go. That is fine. But I am so proud of him for making THREE times in a row of a happy goodbye time. A quote from my favorite show, Parenthood, sums this up. “Small victories, Braverman” Small victories indeed.

Have you had some small victories recently? A big hurdle you and your child(ren) jumped over?