I am going  to be a bit candid here. Although, it hurts me to admit this fact. No one signed up for my Mat class. I have known this since Saturday. It has been a bit disappointing. I knew this was a possibility. This studio has never offered a Mat class before. The clients like their Reformers. I know my Mat class is fun and challenging. I had a practice run a week ago today with my best friend. She is a fitness junkie too, so she knows tough. The girl has run the Chicago Marathon, something I have not nor will I ever be able to do! So, if anyone knows a tough workout session it is her. She loved it! If I just had the opportunity to show people that, I would.

But this week I do not have that opportunity on the Mat. My teacher is amazing though. She said I could still come in tonight and teach a Reformer class that takes place at the same time. I am doing it. I had to think about it for a day or two. I am so nervous about teaching Reformer for some reason. With this probable move downtown, I need to really focus on finishing up my training. So off to class I go tonight. I am not sure if I will teach the whole hour or not. It is another instructor’s class, but they are fine sharing here while we learn. I prepared a class plan. I want to get there early and warm myself up a little plus try to go over it with someone in the building and get their thoughts. I know I think too much. I woke up very early over thinking it all. I even did some deep breathing techniques to help me stop fussing and go back to sleep. It worked!

This is not what I was planning on doing this evening. My plan was to teach a fantastic mat class. Life doesn’t always work out to plan. This past week has been huge proof of that. We weren’t planning on ever going back downtown, but plans changed in that area too. It is not bad. It can be confusing at times, but that is what life is about. The adventure. Jason and I have always had this motto throughout our relationship, “It’s always an adventure” Not very original, I know. However, in our life together we always manage to have these kinds of moments. Things don’t go how we thought they would and life takes us down a totally different path. It isn’t bad, but it becomes this adventure. Even our wedding, the Pastor got into a car accident on the way to the hotel to marry us! We have this way of always hitting these adventurous bumps that turn out wonderful anyway. Maybe it is our personalities? Maybe we are partially impulsive at times? Maybe that is just how the cards work out for us? I don’t know how or why these sudden moments happen, but they do. We hold hands and charge forward.

I have to remember that tonight. It is an adventure. While Jason won’t be there to hold my hand, I know I can do this. At least if I fail miserably I have someone to come home and cry to. My partner in crime and adventure.