I was going to write about my Reformer class from last night.  That was my plan for today. I just don’t feel like breaking it down right now. I have over analyzed it in my head enough. It wasn’t the best class ever. So maybe another time I will. Or maybe I will just keep this one to myself.

What I do want to write about, is the happiness my little boy brings me. As his 2nd birthday rapidly approaches, there are 10 more days, I can’t get over how much we do each day. He is so active. I am usually beat 30 minutes after he wakes up. We are constantly moving. It is great though. He is fantastic. Last night he discovered the joy of piggy back rides. He started to climb on my back and I decided to tell him to hold on tight and I started with a squat. He went bananas for it. It turned into a full on run around our living room. It was a welcomed end to my day yesterday.









You can see for yourself the pure joy on his little face. He really thought this was the bees knees. I am sure I will have to do this often. He kept saying “mom again!” As 2 rapidly approaches, I cannot help but love it already. Sure, there are tantrums. He is strong willed. Very strong willed. We are his parents, so that is no surprise. Both Jason and myself are strong willed or stubborn people. I am not shocked that our son has his moments too. I love him to pieces though. I love his wonderment. I love his memory capabilities. He blows me out of the water with the things he remembers from months ago and tells me about! I look at these photos and I am instantly filled with joy. I couldn’t see his face as we were doing this. I could feel and hear his laughs. But to see that face makes me melt. I could do this all day for him knowing how much fun he was having.

For a brief moment last night, I entirely forgot that I totally sucked at teaching my class. (There were visible eye rolls) I won’t go there though. I love how life can sometimes really give you the important moments when things seem like they’ve gone to shit. Jack has the trust and faith in my expertise to keep him safe during a piggy back ride around the house. I needed that feeling last night.

Today I will be gone when he wakes up. I am going to take a Reformer class and then observe. I need to watch someone teach and absorb today. Then I am treating my stressed out self to a pedicure. Whoa, getting fancy up in here. I haven’t gotten one in a month or two? But Uncle Matt, my younger brother and Jack’s buddy, will be here. When I get home we will have lots of playtime, since I don’t have training class tonight. I am sure lots of piggy back rides are in my future.