I am going to share another DIY essential oil recipe I have tried and loved. My supplies are ever growing so expect lots of these posts. I have a handful I could write about right now, but I will keep it one at a time.

I found the recipe for this mask on Mind Body Green. It utilizes Tea Tree Oil. I have been finding abundant resources that list Tea Tree Oil as fantastic for skin care. Particularly for breakouts. I have hormonal breakouts. I have seen improvement since using Tea Tree Oil daily in different forms. I have a face wash I made as well. The article states, “The minerals found in the clay powder are great for cleansing and detoxifying your skin, while the tea tree oil takes care of the acne.”

This mask was lovely. I plan to make another tonight. It actually was a little tingly. Pulling that garbage out of my pores.


2 Tablespoons Green Clay Powder

3-4 drops Tea Tree Oil

Enough water to make this combo a paste.

On a freshly cleansed face apply the paste to face. Avoiding mouth and eyes.

Leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Pat dry.

I estimated and poured the water in slowly while mixing it constantly. I didn’t want it to get too runny. I had a lot of the mask left over. I think next time I will apply it much thicker and try to use most of it. My husband was kind of rushing me. He wanted to sign mortgage docs and get them scanned in. He decided to do this at 11pm at night during the middle of my detox bath and then my mask time. I had been planning this little at home spa night all day! Anyway, I spent the 20 minutes signing those documents and then I did some reading.

I rinsed and followed up with my usual skin care products. My skin really did feel refreshed. It did draw some stuff out. I noticed that the next day. But that is good. Getting it out and moving on. Some spring cleaning of your face!