My tub is sparkling. Super shiny and smelling gorgeous. I made my own tub scrub with essential oils. I have never been so happy with how clean, fresh, and nice smelling my tub was after cleaning it.

I found this recipe on Aura Cacia again. They have wonderful resources and products. (I have no reason to say this except that I use these recipes and products and have fallen in love)


1 cup baking soda. I used Bob’s Red Mill.

24 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil

24 drops Grapefruit essential Oil

Combine all and mix. Sprinkle over your tub and scrub. Rinse with water.

My little man needed a bath last night and when I brought him up to the bathroom I could smell the goodness from my bedroom. He has to use our master bath tub right now because that is the only tub the home we are renting. There are 2 more bathrooms, but the other full bath has just a shower. It looked so sparkly and clean. I almost didn’t want to put my dirty little boy in that tub. Ha. He was very dirty, as a 2 year old boy is great at getting super dirty super fast.

There are two more I plan to try. The toilet scrub and the floor and surface cleaner. I will post about them if I use them and like them! I also have a facial cream recipe I made yesterday that I will try to post today.