We had a big milestone around here Friday night. My toddler, two years old, 26 months in a couple days, moved to a big boy bed! We have a few reasons for why we decided to do this now.

  1. Bedtime has been a bit dramatic lately. He just didn’t like being put in his crib. He would try to climb out. He never actually climbed all the way out but would get halfway. Throwing a fit, etc. It is stressful for all.
  2. We are moving soon (hopefully, we have a close date of May 17th, but I am not holding my breath) Anyway, if that does go through, and there is a good possibility, I didn’t want to have to wait a while before it was time to think about a bed. I figured if we waited then giving him an adjustment period would take a while. We also plan to start potty training after the move. So one or the other would have been put on the back burner. We thought one less big change AFTER a move would be best. This gives him over a month in his new bed.
  3. We found the most amazing toddler bed in the world. I am not exaggerating either. Wait until you see this thing.

I know it is not the longest list ever, but those three reasons together made for the perfect time. Friday night was rough. That was the first night in his bed. He woke up around 3:30am. I ended up bringing him in our bed. It took about 2 hours for him to settle down again. Saturday we went out of town. Also a rough  night. He slept with us overnight at my inlaws, but slept is used loosely. No one got much sleep. Last night was better. He is still in there! It is 7:43 am! Other than his initial protest of us leaving, I haven’t heard a peep. He is asleep, I can see on the camera.

I am not insane, I don’t expect every night to go like last night, but I really needed that good sleep, so I am happy about it. I thought I would be more sad about this big part of Jack’s infancy ending. I am not. I have been excited. Probably because the bed is so freaking cool. Probably because his excitement over it was too adorable. He even started calling it Bucky. Which is the name of the ship on Jake and the Neverland Pirates, a favorite show of his. Oh, did I not mention, this bed is a PIRATE SHIP!


SO excited!

SO excited!



We think....he loves it

We think….he loves it

See, it is hard to feel sad when your child is this excited. I am excited for him. I am excited that he is gaining more independence. He still loves to cuddle. He is still a momma’s boy. He is still my baby, even if he is growing up. That is all that matters. Last night he told me “Mommy sleep bed.” and pointed to his bed. He wanted me to sleep there with him. He still wants his mommy around! I told him that I had to go get ready for sleep in my bed. I assumed I would be in his bed later or carrying him to mine. I was fully prepared, albeit, not looking forward to it. This morning when I woke up I was shocked that it hadn’t happened.

So here is to childhood milestones big and small. This was a big one.