Happy Pilates Day!!!!! Yes, if you didn’t know, today is Pilates Day. Yesterday I hit up Lululemon with all my gifts cards and birthday cash. My birthday was April 30th. I was showered with Lulu items and gift cards, plus some cash. I also get a discount because I am an instructor. I made out like a bandit. I had to exchange a run skirt my parents got me for a different size. I got that, 2 pairs of crops, and 2 tanks.


not my new Lulu gear 😉 I just don’t have a current photo of myself in some Pilates position

Jacky picked out one of the tanks. We were browsing the tank wall. He grabbed this gorgeous blue tank and said “this one” I tried it on and I loved it. I will forever think of my little man when I wear it. I love that little boy.

So today I will wear my new Lulu gear and do a chair workout. Since my husband is home I plan to get in a longer workout. I have to truly celebrate the day, right?

I am not teaching today. Oh well. I thought I would get in there today, but it didn’t workout. Thankfully I was able to get in to teach earlier in the week. I only have 8 hours of Reformer left! WOOO HOOOOO!!!!!! I am also celebrating because I will be getting my very own clients soon. The studio is doing a Living Social for private sessions. I am going to be one of those instructors. Which means, hopefully, I will begin building my very own client base.

Happy Pilates Day!!! Will you be celebrating?