Today is exactly 3 years from my due date with Jack. Today is not his birthday. That is on Tuesday. He came a little late. I am sitting here thinking of how fast these 3 years have flown by. All the while I have a new life brewing inside of me. Oh, yeah, I am pregnant with #2. We very recently found out. I am not the good at keeping these things quiet type, so there was and is no waiting until 12 weeks for me. I didn’t do it with Jack and I didn’t do it with this one either. I am also half surprised by this one. I mean we have been trying on and off since August. But we haven’t been too serious about trying. Not like with Jack. I tracked everything with my cycle trying to conceive him. This time I did not at all. As a matter of fact I knew we tried several times this month, but I actually figured we tried too early. I was fully expecting a period to come.

It didn’t.

I am excited and I am nervous. It depends on the moment you catch me. Sometimes I can’t stop thinking of what I will name him or her. The next I feel like oh man, TWO kids? TWO kids, how am I going to be awesome at TWO kids? Then a minute later I am back to gushing over the names Alexander and Alice. Hormones? Likely. Either way, I am in this for the long haul now. There is no going back. I am going to be a mom of 2 come October! Two little boys or one little boy and one little girl. There’s a 50/50 chance on that, if you didn’t know.

So here are a few things

1. I am feeling great still. Other than the flu I have had for a week. But that is subsiding as of today.

2. I have tons of energy still….still…

3. My dreams have been crazy crazy crazy intense and vivid. I kind of worried I may be pregnant because of that or it was just the weather and sickness. It wasn’t the latter two parts. This happened with Jack too.

4. I am slightly (a lot) freaking out about expanding. Sigh. I know what I am in for this time. I will not be allowing myself to indulge in Culver’s Concrete Mixers once a day for the last month of this pregnancy. Step away from the drive thru preggo! STEP AWAY! Go get out your ninja and blend up some frozen pineapple and papaya and if it needs to be creamy throw some Greek yogurt in there. < I may  have to refer this scolding later. Stay strong future pregnant self, stay strong!

5. I am feeling a little more bossy this time around. And less like I am walking on eggshells. More like you can’t tell me what I can and can’t do. I have done this already. (except for #4. I will tell myself to back away from the ice cream) I don’t feel so worried over when I have to stop sleeping on my stomach or if I can have that cup of coffee in the morning (I am. It is needed. I work and have a toddler). I will workout every day. I know what my body can and can’t handle. I will run my 8k in March. Also, don’t bother telling me to not pick up more than 10lbs. HA, again I have a toddler. He is a momma’s boy who loves loves loves to be carried. I will carry him. I will use my step stool to get things out of my ginormous cabinet. I will do what I want. WHAT I WANT! (add a sassy head bob to this statement) Unless I am feeling straight up lazy, then “can you go get meeee my water? I am pregnant!” But that still means I am doing what I want.

6. I am deadset on my boy’s name. Alexander John. My husband isn’t a huge fan of the first name, but if we have a boy, that WILL be his name. Girl names…..we go back and forth. Current front runner is Alice Loretta. Loretta will be the middle name no matter what. It is my great aunt’s name. She passed away when Jack was 1 & 1/2. She is/was my role model in life. I have already written an entire post about her.

7. I already ordered 4 tubs of my Bella B Tummy Honey Butter. I used it religiously with Jack and I have not one, NOT ONE, stretch mark. I will be applying it twice a day as of tomorrow when it arrives.

8. This is how we told our family and eventually our friends. I sent a text out to our closest family members and friends saying that Jack had a message for them. Things are changing in October 2014. They were all very surprised. It was great! Then later, after all our closets bases had been covered I shared it on Facebook.



9. Today I decided to start trying to make my peace with the fact that soon, my very hard worked for stomach, is going to be changing. And changing drastically. So here it is this morning. 4 weeks and some change preggo. I hope to eventually return to this. This is the hardest part for me. Quiet honestly. So this isn’t goodbye old friend, this is see you later. Right? Right??????


10. Pregnancy brain has started to develop. Also had that with Jack. It isn’t full swing yet, but there have been whisperings of it already. Like forgetting to turn the pan off during dinner last night. When we were done, the leftover meat was unsalvageable and the pan was black.

There ya go. Thanks for listening to my musings on this. Here’s to some 36 more weeks of a healthy FIT pregnancy. I will be posting along the way. My Prenatal Pilates journey. Being preggo with a toddler in two (new experience fo sho!) And about doing things my way, because who knows me better than me?