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I have a ton to write about. I have a ton of updates in my life. Our internet has been screwy. One reason I cannot wait to move. There is not much you can do about that when you are renting. When you own, well my husband can hunt and hunt until he finds the problem. He thinks the issue is at the source of the connection. I have my iPad and iPhone, but I don’t like trying to write out a post on those. I do not type quite as quickly as I do on a good old fashioned keyboard.

So what has been going on?

My obsession with the Wunda Chair grows each day. This morning, I cannot recall the last time I took a day off of working out. I think that means I should skip today. We shall see.

P1020444 (2)

Jack started preschool last week! TWO days a week. It was a crazy feeling. I was so excited for him to learn. I was a bit excited to have some time to get things done. I was sad that he is growing. I felt so guilty. My guilt increased when he cried both mornings and begged me not to leave him. BUT both days, after I left, he calmed down and had a great time. Both days when I picked him up he said “GREAT DAY!” On the first day, I bawled when I got into the parking lot and on the phone with my husband. I felt so awful seeing him so upset. I have been feeling VERY guilty for sending him in the first place. I feel like a crap mom.

I have been a stay at home mom for going on 2 1/2 years. I dedicate myself entirely to this boy. Now that I am ready to embark on my career (I even have SIX classes on the summer schedule), I needed to find some time during the day to work. As parents, we decided together Jack was ready for socialization with his peers, so we picked an early preschool program instead of an in home nanny. Yet, I still feel like I am doing him a disservice because for a couple hours a week I let him go learn and play with others. I know it makes no sense, but it is how I feel. It does help to hear about his day through him when I pick him up. He even made me a Mother’s Day gift at school! It was the best gift ever! This school gives us daily updates, emails, photos, and progress reports. Even what times his diaper was changed, how he ate, how his mood was. It keeps me involved without actually being there. Jack is super attached to me. Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and I still had to change every single diaper because he flips out if I am around and my husband tries to do it. He is a momma’s boy. So this has been a transition for the both of us. I think it will prove to be great, I already see sparkles of that after 2 days. It is just a matter of me getting my irrational guilt in check.

Check out some photos from his first 2 days!

Jacky's very 1st day!

Jacky’s very 1st day!


Cooking some food on his 1st day

Cooking some food on his 1st day


photo 4

After his 1st day was over. Too cool for school 😉


Making some art on his 2nd day

Making some art on his 2nd day


photo 5

My Mother’s Day gift!

We close on our new home on Thursday. Yes, as in 3 days from this post! That has been a big contributor to the insanity in our lives. We are swamped. Plus our landlord has listed our current place for rent, so we have had showings. While packing I also have to keep the house pristine and in showing conditions! Last week we stopped by the house for some quotes on some repairs on the pool.

We took some time to take a couple photos of the new place. We are so excited for this adventure to come to a close (pun intended) this week.

In our backyard

In our backyard


Making himself at home by our pool

Making himself at home by our pool

The only reason I have time to write all of this today is because I am taking a day off of working out. I do have to take Jack to swim lessons this morning. Tonight I am teaching 2 Reformer classes. I have to prep a bit for those, even though I am pretty sure I know what I am doing anyway. I should clean up the living room too because it is a disaster after a Mother’s Day lego session yesterday. This was my 3rd Mother’s Day. It feels crazy to say that! I can’t believe I have 3 under my belt already!

Mother's Day 2013

Mother’s Day 2013

This might be the last post for a while. We plan to move everything Friday if we can. Which means we will probably have our first somewhat settled night in the house on Saturday. AH! Craziness. June is going to be nuts for us. We always have a lot to do. Our wedding anniversary, my husband always has a conference in the beginning of June so he is gone for a few days, plus there are always tons of family parties and/or weddings. My summer session begins June 9th. I will try to update though, especially about the new pad.

I hope everyone is doing well. I hope Mother’s Day was great!


This is where I was 20 months ago yesterday.

my little Jack

Then I was here….

Still in the hospital. We both look like crap, not Jack though, he looks perfect.

Then 9 days went by and I was here

Family/newborn photoshoot

And here

Yes, there was a lot of crying

And here

Sweet boy

And here again but happier

Well happier-ish, he looks like he thinks he just wants some clothing on again

And here


So that is where I was some 20 months ago. I know he is not 2 yet, we still have four months!!! But for some unknown reason 20 months feels big to me. Maybe it is just the number, counting by 10’s? I am not sure but I feel like this is a big deal. That we are so close to him being 2. I am not sad about this milestone. I am enjoying it. I look back at those photos and he looks so sweet and tiny. But he IS so sweet and loving today. I am getting sleep (I was getting no sleep then, that is not an exaggeration either) He cries now but he cried a lot more then. That peaceful photo wasn’t really how things were all of the time. There was a lot of crying and very little sleeping. I have to say that I love toddlerhood. Sure tantrums are not fun but the rest is a blast. I have more fun than frustration, usually.

I am enjoying the laughing, playing, silliness, conversations (yes this little dude talks up a storm), and random hugs and kisses. I just can’t get enough of his wonder and exploration. I truly believe I enjoy this stage more than I did newborn Jack. I loved him immediately but I was exhausted constantly. If I get an inkling to have a 2nd all I have to do is think about to how little sleep I got and it quickly vanishes.


This is where I was yesterday, 20 months after giving birth to this wonderful boy….

Like seriously mom? Taking photos while I clearly need help managing all my THINGS!

And here

I am going to get you and that phone

And here….

You can’t catch me!

And here

I steal your glasses (and say glass) because they are sweet aviators (good thing they only cost 10 dollars at Kohls!)

And finally here


I just can’t get enough of these toddler moments. I am so happy to have helped him grow into this energetic, curious, brave, silly, funny, and loving child. I love that I can foster his love for cars, can you tell that he has a love for them? I am not sure how much I can gush. But it is all so amazing.

I thought I would be more sad that is he trucking on into 2 years old. But I am not. I am happy and I am enjoying it! Sometimes I think in the morning before he wakes up “I wonder what new skill he will have today? Or maybe a new word or a new phrase?” I look forward to that. You know when I carry him and if I trip a little (I am super clumsy) He calls me out on it. He says “fall down?” Or if he sees you trip or fall or if he falls. How keen!

I know he will be 2 the next time I blink. His birthday falls after all the Holiday craziness calms down. AND I am in school. The end of my course is the end of January, about a week before his 2nd birthday. Then I will also be focusing like crazy on my student teaching hours. The next 4 months are going to fly by. And I am excited for them. I am excited to see how much he will be doing in 4 months. Because me wondering what new thing he will be doing each morning is no stretch. It is literally like that these days. Each day there is a new skill or word or sentence. How amazing that I turned that little burrito in that first photo into the child I photographed yesterday. Even more amazing is that 2 years ago he was just half grown in my belly. And 2 years before that he was an egg hanging out in my ovaries. How incredible a journey this has been! I wouldn’t change a thing!

Ok I lie, maybe I would have gotten more sleep in those newborn days 😉


What do you love about toddlerhood? What do you think of every morning before your kid(s) rise and shine. Do you wonder what new adventure the day will bring? What stage have you enjoyed the most? Do you love watching them grow each day and do you look forward to what is coming next? What odd months/ages have you felt were a milestone?









Yesterday was a great day. Fantastic day! It was the Dirty Girl Mud Run!!! I had an amazing time. One of the best times of my life. I cannot wait to complete another mud run or some sort and to do this one again next year. My plan for next year is to do the Warrior Dash with my very best friend. She couldn’t do this run because she is 38 weeks pregnant!!!! Soon to give birth to a gorgeous new nephew of mine!!! YAY!

On to photos! It was an incredible day.

I said goodbye to an old friend….

bye bye shoes

I donated them after the run. I am still feeling a little sad this morning that they are gone. A slight hoarder tendency? Perhaps but I ran my best race time ever in these puppies. I really loved them. They were just starting to give me a blister. I know I have my new fantastic pink Brooks but I will miss these.

Still clean

Our whole team

Let the fun begin!!!!

first mud pit. Don’t worry I put more than my foot in 😉

The above is the last photo until I was done. I was stupid and didn’t clear my camera. My mom ran out of room! Memory card was full. She didnt know how or what she would be allowed to delete. Oh well. Professional photos were taken, so I hope there are some good ones!


we are goofs

yeah buddy!

I am done!

So what did I think? I didn’t feel it was too hard for me. It was kind of a breeze. A fun breeze though. I wasn’t there to win a race or anything of that sort. I was there to have fun and I did. I am not really sore today. My right elbow was scratched and that kind of stings. That is about it. I am going for a run around the lake in a little while. The scariest part for me was the net thing we climbed. It was pretty high up. I have a fear of heights. I flew up it like a little spider monkey. When I got to the top. I looked down and had to take a breath. I was also afraid of grabbing the metal bar and slipping since my hands were muddy. I managed to keep going over without much hesitation though. Grabbed a part of the rope I could instead of the metal bar and went down. Not as fast as a spider monkey this time but still quick enough. When I was 7 I fell out of my second story bedroom window. I landed on our driveway. I have a rational fear of heights. haha But I didn’t let it stop me.

I know I said this but I seriously cannot wait to do this again. I mostly can’t wait for my BFF to be ready to run it with me. We are so alike in everything, even our fitness that we need to complete one of these together. I know we will be able to keep pace with one another. I am just itching for it to be next year now! Her little man will be nearly 1 mine will be trucking into 2 1/2. I think we will deserve a down and dirty momma day!

I hope to have some good professional photos. If there are I will definitely be buying those. I think I shall frame them all over my house hahahaha

I have mentioned before I am somewhat of a crafty lady. I am probably down playing that a bit. If you ever saw my crafting area you would probably poop your pants. I have a lot of supplies. A LOT. I love to scrapbook, make cards, and I recently started making decorations for parties. That started with Jack’s party really. I have been scrapping and cardmaking since high school (so a long time har har har)

Yesterday we celebrated my best friend, her hubby, and their unborn baby boy. It was their baby shower! I am so excited for them and I love that little nugget to pieces already.

I made a few things to help celebrate their day.


I made 10 of these rain clouds. They really turned out super cute. I used my Cricut to make the rain drops. Those are white poofs from the party store and I used fishing line to hang the drops.


This was one of my favorite decorations. I am a little obsessed with banners this year. I really loved how the stripes and dark blue complimented one another. I was seriously in love as soon as the triangles were cut. Maybe I will have to make some to just hang in Jack’s room! haha Again I used my Cricut. Threaded it with some double faced white satin ribbon and voila!

Cupcake toppers

While I fancy myself something of a baker/chef as well as a fitness freak and crafty gal, I did not make these beautifully iced cupcakes. I made the umbrella and pinwheel toppers. I am also obsessed with pinwheels this year. Used the Cricut to cut them. Then I used glue dots to adhere the toothpicks to the back. I added a little gem to each one for a little dimension and pop.

Rattle cake pops

rattle cake pops

As I just mentioned I fancy myself a bit of a baker. Especially things like these, cake pops and cuppycakes! I have made cake pops a few times for parties and get togethers. Usually I stand them upright in a box with some flower foam and cover that in a colorful shred. This time I wanted to try something different and it really worked out well. I used glue dots again for the little poof balls on the top and double faced baby blue satin ribbon for the sticks. The cake was a blueish color as well. It wasn’t a striking blue. I learned my lesson with the last batch I made for a party. I did blue velvet. I make it from scratch. No boxed cake mix here. Well if you use the correct amount of food coloring in order to wash out the coco every person who takes a bite will have a blue mouth. Since I knew this would happen this time around I couldn’t in good conscious bring mouth dying cake pops to the baby shower! So they weren’t quite the blue inside I liked. It did look like a blue-brown which is the nursery colors. So there ya go!

The frosting is a cream cheese frosting. Mixed with white chips to help made it a harder shell. Light blue sprinkles. I wrapped some of the satin ribbon around the handle of my stand and then tied a big bow with the white satin ribbon. Just a small detail, but the details can really make things pop.

Fruit kebobs

I also brought some fruit kebobs with a Greek yogurt dip. My dear friend and momma to be, Jen, is much like me. I knew she would LOVE fruit kebobs and I was right. I didn’t try the dip (I am lactose intolerant and I have been making a huge effort to skip as much dairy as I can lately. I have been feeling better mostly from it) But the dip is Greek yogurt and honey. I was told it was really great! I did eat a few of the kebobs and I can tell you THOSE were great! I will definitely be making these instead of fruit salad from now on.

Dessert table

Here is the dessert table. It wasn’t quite done. In that box behind the cake pops is a beautiful canoli cake! A canoli with little canolis inside of it. I cannot take credit for all of the beautiful things on this table. Jen’s mom and sister also worked so hard to make this such a beautiful day. They did an amazing job!!! Also, ignore my Venti Passion tea lemonade (unsweetened lol). It is summer time, Starbucks iced teas are a staple in our family in the summer! mmmmm

Poopy diaper game mmmmm

I also brought a game with. The poopy diaper game. I played this at a shower in March and thought it was the funniest thing ever. You melt chocolate bars and put them in diapers. People have to guess what each diaper has. I made 6. I think 6 is a good number for this game. I used Milky way, Reese’s Peanut butter cups, Almond Joy, Rasinetes, York Peppermint Patty, and Snickers. Some of them looked like legitimate poop. Some people were really grossed out but some people really found it funny. My husband was one of the former. He couldn’t stand them on our counter yesterday morning. HA! I just think it is a welcomed changed from actual poopy diapers 😉 It was silly and fun and I recommend it. Super easy to make. I thought Jack’s diapers were too big at this point. He is in a size 4. They are huge. So I went and bought a pack of size 1. Only had to use the 6, so I gave the rest to the Momma to be. That I think is a double bonus for this game. You can NEVER have too many diapers. Lesson 1 I learned. That and wipes!

Best friends and soon we with both be momma’s to little boys!

She is seriously the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen! She looks fantastic. She is all belly. I am so blessed to have her in my life. I am also so excited that we are going to be momma’s to little boys! Oh the adventures we will have together. Especially once they are old enough to play together! Jack loves babies so I know he is going to be stoked to meet his new friend.

I had such a lovely day celebrating 3 of the most wonderful people in the world! Congrats you two! That little boy is so loved already!!!!

Yesterday I had my Burn at the Barre class. This is always a favorite day of mine during the week. Two days post Shuffle. I could definitely still feel how fatigued my muscles were. I was never sore from the run, not Sunday night or at all on Monday. But when I had to use all of those leg and tushy muscles last night I could feel how they were not performing up to par.

I kept mentally telling myself two things:

  1. You destroyed your estimated time this weekend, you can do this.
  2. You gave birth with only 1/2 of your epidural working. You felt everything on the right side of your body. It hurt way worse than this does!

I only burned just over 400 calories. Usually I burn over 500. So you can see how I wasn’t working as hard as normal. I wanted to but my legs begged to differ. I did try though. I am hoping that partly it was because she changes the routines each week and we did some things slightly different. Right? A combination of the two I am sure!

Monday I did work out but I did a Long and Lean Bosu work out. It has a lot of stretching and I thought I could use that. It was a a very mild workout and not too long either.

This morning I have swim lessons with  my little sweet face. I am looking forward to getting into the water. I am debating a run later but I think I may workout during nap time inside instead. I have a hair appointment at 6. Sometimes Jack naps until 3 and then takes 30 minutes to eat lunch. That is just cutting it close and not really giving him any playtime. Tomorrow we are free and I think we will go for a run after he wakes up and eats. I want to do 6 miles. Last Thursday when I ran with him he started to get antsy after just over 3 miles. I mean you cannot blame the kid. He likes to move and play and sitting there for 30 minutes can be boring. I give him toys but he isn’t overly interested in them when I am running. So we will see how he is doing after the first lap around the lake.

Training with the stroller is really awesome. I am pushing well over 50 lbs between baby, stroller weight, all toys in the stroller, and any of my things (water, keys, wallet, phone, etc). I equate it to taking practice swings with weights on the bat just before you actually bat. You remove that and suddenly you are able to conquer anything!

I have a few photos from the race. From their official photographers. They are still matching photos to runners. The last I checked they were 63% done. I am going to purchase all of my images once they are entirely done. I will post them. The 4 that I have already are really actually great. They are all from the end of the race, two after I crossed the finish line and two from just before. Surprisingly I don’t look totally awful!

It is supposed to be beautiful out. So maybe we will walk to the park after nap time, the far park so I get over a mile walk there and over a mile walk back, plus any workout I do.

Our household was incapacitated by a nasty virus for nearly a month! We are finally back on our feet and all three of us are seemingly back to normal. Phewf! We survived, we beat it, we are stronger!

In that time a lot has gone on. I missed a 10k, my first, because a nasty sinus infection reared it’s ugly head. I thought I had beat it and then  two days before the run it showed back up with a vengeance. I was bummed but there is always time to run a race.

Despite being sick with croup and an ear infection Jackson has mastered both his army crawl, and a hands and knee crawl. He has started to try to pull himself up on things. He gets half way, so on to his knees but not all the way by himself. He can do it with help. Sometimes, like right now as I type this, it looks like he wants to stand up without even using anything for support! He is silly and I love him. He was such a trooper when he was sick. I am so proud of him.

We celebrated Halloween yesterday! Oh my! We went trick or treating and everything. JACKSON LOVED IT! LOVED IT. He was smiling and laughing. He got excited whenever we walked up to a door. He would even try to knock himself or grab the door handle. He would randomly squeal with joy. And whenever someone mentioned how cute he was he beamed even more. He is my child, the little attention seeking bugger. He definitely does not get that from my hubby.

Mickey and Minnie

Fist pound Mickey

He enjoyed chomping on his loot


Since Jack was so sick I haven’t been running outside. It has been a bit chilly for that while he was ill. I have started using my elliptical again. I have also started using my dvds as well. Switching it up. Today we probably could have gone for a run but I don’t want to push it with him. We went to the park instead when it was warmer in the afternoon. I have debated getting a Y membership and using their childcare services. But I have been noticing when I go for swim with him that the kids in the childcare place are much older. I don’t see other babies his age. I think, wait, I know he will be overwhelmed with that kind of atmosphere. So I think I will skip the membership this year and keep my workouts at home.It is what it is this year. There is a lot of time in my life to focus much more energy on working out at the gym in the winter. Jack will only be under a year for 3 more short months! Plus I do just fine with my home workouts. I am very motivated that way.

Jack has changed his schedule now that he is well again. He is down to pretty much just one nap a day! I am trying to adjust. I feel as if I was spoiled before. I got used to a couple luxurious naps a day. Not me taking them, but him, and then having more free time. I am still trying to get a hang of this new schedule.

I have a few workouts I have found to be fun and tough. When I get the chance I will post a blog about them. I still have to take my photography final! I start my next course on the 9th! I am looking forward to it. I have so much to do all the time, especially now that the little man is so so so so very active!


I have been up to my elbows in all things “sickness.” It started with Jack and then Jason got it. A day or two after that I got sick. This was all last week. I recovered quickly. The boys are both still not feeling well. Jack just has a cold. Jason has bronchitis and an ear infection. Thankfully the baby is just trying to get rid of the leftovers of sickness. I am hoping tomorrow we are going to be back to normal activities. This is the second week of activities we are missing. We are not going to swim today. The Dr. said on Monday that I need to keep him from activities for at least 2 more days.

I registered for my first 10K. It was a last minute decision. It is this Sunday! I am excited and nervous. I know I can do it but well you know, your first race is always nerve wrecking. I don’t think I slept before my first 5k I was so excited and nervous. I am guessing that I will sleep Saturday night because the little man wears me out during the day. I wanted to go for at least a 5 mile run this morning but it is raining. I have my weather guard for the jogger, but with him being a bit sick still, I just think it would be more responsible of me to skip it. If he were not trying to get rid of the last of this sickness I think we would head out.

He is crawling everywhere! He is quick too. He has started taking interest in standing with the help of furniture and playing. He is all over the place and I am trying to keep up. It is so fun and very exhausting! Which is good. I have been saying if we could have a baby that is born around 6 months of age I would have 10 kids! The newborn days are hard. I am loving everything right now though. He is 8 1/2 months now. Time really goes by quickly.

We were being silly the other day and I did some fall photos with him. I thought it would be good to sit outside for 10 minutes. Get some fresh air.

A couple of weeks ago we had a photo session with our favorite photographer, B. Langfeldt Photography. She is just awesome!!! We began our photography relationship with her when Jackson was 9 days old. She took some gorgeous photos of our precious newborn son. Jackson was so little and really didn’t want to do anything but be held by me. She had such patience with him.

This is one of our favorites from that session. He had a hard time settling down for this but he eventually did and she captured some amazing photos.

We were not disappointed with this 6 month/family session! I need to go on a frame shopping spree. I need them for here and Jason asked for a ton for his office! I am trying to find a large multi-photo frame for above our couch. I have two other ones downstairs. One in the living room but across the room from the couch and one in the front hall way. I clearly need more…(take a look below!)

If you live in the Chicagoland area please check out her site B. Langfeldt Photography. She does beautiful work. Her prices are great and she gets your photos back to you in a very timely manner. This session took 1 week because it was a mini session. Jackson’s newborn photos took 2 weeks because it was a full session. She puts up preview photos on Facebook the evening of your photo shoot. For someone like me (a clear lover of photos) that is the ultimate perk. I love being able to preview a few so quickly.

The prints look amazing. You can even purchase a cd with all of your images so that you have rights to them and can write blog posts about them! haha! We love her and we will be using her again…and again…and again!

Family <3I just love his eyes!This is my husband's favorite. For obvious boy bonding reasons! 😉

He is such a little man!

His look says, why are they kissing again?

such a big boy!

very much a little boy...putting the leaf in his mouth

one of my favorites!

another favorite. He is my heart!

boys will be boys

happy family!