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Sometimes you accidentally come across something that you really need. I have been nervous about seriously starting my teacher training. There are moments where I feel like I can do it all. Then there are moments where I have serious self doubt. This week has been particularly busy and I haven’t gotten into the studio. I have plans to go tomorrow morning for one class. Then next week I have plans to head in three nights in a row. I have been filled with dread over these upcoming moments. I came up with a class. A  better class than the previous one I developed. I think at least. I still feel just….scared.

Today I came across this amazing article on The HuffPost. How to Not Sabotage Yourself. 

Here are the points they made.

1. Don’t apologize until you’ve done something wrong. 
Things that warrant an apology are offensive remarks, being late or not offering the last curry puff to someone else before inhaling it. When you’re nervous because you’re not used to dating, or your hair isn’t reacting to the humidity very well, you’re in the clear. You can’t control the weather, and not being good at something the first time is an innately human trait. Don’t sentence yourself before you commit the crime.

2. Beware of enabling fiction.
An enabling fiction is something we tell ourselves to avoid taking responsibility for something. When you decide to not take the amazing job of your dreams in Chicago because you’ve become too attached to the coast-line, you’re creating an enabling fiction: You’re allowing yourself to avoid the responsibility of actually engaging your dream and realizing that, like every job, it will be difficult. Knowing the grit of a dream job is better than holding on to they fluffy version trapped in your head.

3. Expect to be asked for more. 
The problem with doing something well is that people will want you to keep doing it. Eventually, they’ll want you to do it better than the first time. An old professor of mine was asked what he was going to write next the same week he published a book. All he wanted was to be left alone. “I just wrote a book, damnit!” he wailed. That’s the price of being good at something: People (especially your boss) will want more. The road to greatness is paved with requests for something better.

4. Know that you are going to fail — and you should.
If you ever want to train yourself to avoid error, give yourself the chance to make it. If you do, the ensuing mortification will burn a failsafe into your mind. A party planner never forgets the silverware after his guests eat soup with their hands and and a soldier hits the ground faster after she’s shot the first time. Failure feels bad, but it will create callouses on you like a shield and armor.

5. Remember that we all came into the world with the same amount of experience.
No one is born better than you. When you meet someone who makes you feel (and maybe to no error of his own) of lesser quality, turn your gaze inward. Consider the possibility that your own life has given you experiences that his hasn’t. Realize that he also was born without a clue and that it’s possible for you to live up to whatever standard he has reached. Consider him a role-model rather than someone who is simply “better.”

I feel like it was written specifically for me. Number 4 is particularly paralyzing for me. I hate the idea of failing or messing up. It terrifies me. But it is going to happen. It already has happened. The only way to get better is to keep trying, like they stay. To learn from my mistakes. I am not teaching the same class plan again. I pulled the good things from it. I added better things instead of the moves that failed. Already, I see that Number 4 is good, yet that voice in the back of my head doesn’t want to fail.

I  am also particularly bad at apologizing constantly. Apologizing because I am a new teacher. I shouldn’t do that. I should exude confidence. I do know more than they do. They haven’t gone through the entire teacher training course. Spent tons of hours in the studio learning that book inside and out. I have. This ties into number 5 as well. I felt two feet tall a few times at the class of which I refuse to speak. I can’t let my thin skin take over. I still think that I know the intricacies better than the students, but I was made to feel as if I didn’t. Over spring load of all things. I discussed this moment at length with my master teacher and from now on I know how to manage this. I have to take control of my class and explain that we are doing things a certain way for a reason, like returning to classic work, for example.

Anyway. It happened. It will all happen again I am sure. Over time I hope to develop all 5 of these points. I don’t mind number 3! At least as Jack gets older. I  look forward to when I teach very often. Especially while he is in school. I think sitting at home all day while he is in school for 8 hours sounds incredibly boring!

There you have it. Ways to not sabotage yourself. I will continue to work on these. I think they will help my Pilates teaching immensely. I even pinned the article under my Pilates board so I can easily return to it when I need a refresher.

Have you been able to conquer these points? Which of these are the most difficult for you?

Yesterday marked a big milestone in my Pilates teacher journey. I officially finished the training courses! We are all done with classroom time. I have to complete my million hours of practice teaching now. Yikes! I cannot believe we have reached this point. It feels like September was only yesterday. pilates

I have a myriad of emotions about this all. They range from excited, to terrified, to frustrated. I am not sure I can explain entirely why I am all over the place. This is an off week for me in general. That has to be a contributing factor. I am excited for obvious reasons. I did it! I finished a huge part of this. The next is to apply my knowledge. Terrified because I have to apply that knowledge. And frustration is likely over the same thing. Working out how to articulate what I know. Getting to know the clients and their needs. Many of these clients have been there for years. When I enter a class to teach I feel blind, since I don’t know them like their regular instructors do.

I am excited to get my own clients. I would like to start to build a relationship with people and train them. I want to share the love of Pilates with everyone. I want to help make someone’s life better. I want to help them move and feel better every single day. I am frustrated because sometimes I feel like I am not seeing what my Master Teacher sees. I know that is why SHE is a master teacher and I am still a novice. But I have said this before and I will say this again, I am incredibly hard on myself. I get so mad at myself when I can’t see or do what I am trying to see or do. I know that it will come with time and experience. But my inner voice sometimes won’t listen to that rationalization. There are many times where I DO see what she is speaking of.  You see, the thing is, Pilates is in millimeters. The correctness of the moves are often incredibly tiny movements. Your eye really has to develop to see that. There are many times I do see it. But I hate it when I look and I am just baffled. I have to tell myself to ease up and just keep looking and practicing. I know how these feel in my own body. I know what I am looking for in general. I am always self correcting my positions. I know where a client is supposed to be most of the time. Especially in the moves I am very familiar with.

A portion of my journey is over. I am entering the next phase of my journey. This journey will never really end. I believe I will always be learning and improving myself as a Pilates teacher. Who knows what the future holds down the road. The possibilities are unlimited!

I was going to write about my Reformer class from last night.  That was my plan for today. I just don’t feel like breaking it down right now. I have over analyzed it in my head enough. It wasn’t the best class ever. So maybe another time I will. Or maybe I will just keep this one to myself.

What I do want to write about, is the happiness my little boy brings me. As his 2nd birthday rapidly approaches, there are 10 more days, I can’t get over how much we do each day. He is so active. I am usually beat 30 minutes after he wakes up. We are constantly moving. It is great though. He is fantastic. Last night he discovered the joy of piggy back rides. He started to climb on my back and I decided to tell him to hold on tight and I started with a squat. He went bananas for it. It turned into a full on run around our living room. It was a welcomed end to my day yesterday.









You can see for yourself the pure joy on his little face. He really thought this was the bees knees. I am sure I will have to do this often. He kept saying “mom again!” As 2 rapidly approaches, I cannot help but love it already. Sure, there are tantrums. He is strong willed. Very strong willed. We are his parents, so that is no surprise. Both Jason and myself are strong willed or stubborn people. I am not shocked that our son has his moments too. I love him to pieces though. I love his wonderment. I love his memory capabilities. He blows me out of the water with the things he remembers from months ago and tells me about! I look at these photos and I am instantly filled with joy. I couldn’t see his face as we were doing this. I could feel and hear his laughs. But to see that face makes me melt. I could do this all day for him knowing how much fun he was having.

For a brief moment last night, I entirely forgot that I totally sucked at teaching my class. (There were visible eye rolls) I won’t go there though. I love how life can sometimes really give you the important moments when things seem like they’ve gone to shit. Jack has the trust and faith in my expertise to keep him safe during a piggy back ride around the house. I needed that feeling last night.

Today I will be gone when he wakes up. I am going to take a Reformer class and then observe. I need to watch someone teach and absorb today. Then I am treating my stressed out self to a pedicure. Whoa, getting fancy up in here. I haven’t gotten one in a month or two? But Uncle Matt, my younger brother and Jack’s buddy, will be here. When I get home we will have lots of playtime, since I don’t have training class tonight. I am sure lots of piggy back rides are in my future.


I am going  to be a bit candid here. Although, it hurts me to admit this fact. No one signed up for my Mat class. I have known this since Saturday. It has been a bit disappointing. I knew this was a possibility. This studio has never offered a Mat class before. The clients like their Reformers. I know my Mat class is fun and challenging. I had a practice run a week ago today with my best friend. She is a fitness junkie too, so she knows tough. The girl has run the Chicago Marathon, something I have not nor will I ever be able to do! So, if anyone knows a tough workout session it is her. She loved it! If I just had the opportunity to show people that, I would.

But this week I do not have that opportunity on the Mat. My teacher is amazing though. She said I could still come in tonight and teach a Reformer class that takes place at the same time. I am doing it. I had to think about it for a day or two. I am so nervous about teaching Reformer for some reason. With this probable move downtown, I need to really focus on finishing up my training. So off to class I go tonight. I am not sure if I will teach the whole hour or not. It is another instructor’s class, but they are fine sharing here while we learn. I prepared a class plan. I want to get there early and warm myself up a little plus try to go over it with someone in the building and get their thoughts. I know I think too much. I woke up very early over thinking it all. I even did some deep breathing techniques to help me stop fussing and go back to sleep. It worked!

This is not what I was planning on doing this evening. My plan was to teach a fantastic mat class. Life doesn’t always work out to plan. This past week has been huge proof of that. We weren’t planning on ever going back downtown, but plans changed in that area too. It is not bad. It can be confusing at times, but that is what life is about. The adventure. Jason and I have always had this motto throughout our relationship, “It’s always an adventure” Not very original, I know. However, in our life together we always manage to have these kinds of moments. Things don’t go how we thought they would and life takes us down a totally different path. It isn’t bad, but it becomes this adventure. Even our wedding, the Pastor got into a car accident on the way to the hotel to marry us! We have this way of always hitting these adventurous bumps that turn out wonderful anyway. Maybe it is our personalities? Maybe we are partially impulsive at times? Maybe that is just how the cards work out for us? I don’t know how or why these sudden moments happen, but they do. We hold hands and charge forward.

I have to remember that tonight. It is an adventure. While Jason won’t be there to hold my hand, I know I can do this. At least if I fail miserably I have someone to come home and cry to. My partner in crime and adventure.

When you’re a student studying to become an instructor, moments of total “ah ha!” and clarity are truly blissful moments. When your teacher’s voice is speaking in your head, and you just get it. You get the lesson and message she or he was trying to convey. I had one of those moments on Wednesday.

I saw a Mat class I wanted to do. There was this awesome looking move. A variation of Balance Control. It just looked so cool and fancy. The cuing wasn’t amazing and I was halfway through it. I could feel the compromised position it was putting my neck in. I didn’t have the courage to keep pushing through it without a spot. I just kept thinking I am going to break my neck. I am not one to be fearful of a challenge, but this just wasn’t right. Something wasn’t right with it. Maybe it was the cuing or maybe it was the actual move being really not a great one. At first I was mad at myself, I felt weak. As the day went on I heard my teacher’s voice in my head.

She likes to explain to us that some of those fancy non classical moves are just that, fancy and pretty. They can be dangerous. They are not always very beneficial. She can always find another move that is safer that gives you the same, if not better work. The only thing those fancy moves tend to be good for is your fancy Facebook photo. She has drilled that into us with certain moves. The one I was attempting wasn’t one of those specifically. We never even learned that one, showing you that it isn’t even in our book! I got it though. I got what she has been trying to teach us. I wanted to badly to try this “cool” looking move. I wanted to move effortlessly like that. As I got there, I realized how fragile the neck is. It isn’t something I want to injure. This move was just too compromising. At one point all of my weight was on my neck! The integrity of the neck is so important, why would I even try to put it in a place it shouldn’t be?

I told her about this last night. I think she was happy that her lessons had really sunk in with me. That I had experienced first hand what she has been trying to tell us. We are not in this to injure people. We are doing this for health and fitness. To keep our clients safe and fit. Safety first. We won’t have people to help if we injure them all. That doesn’t mean you don’t challenge them. No, it means you challenge them safely! You protect their most vulnerable areas, like their neck.

When you reach this peak of your learning it feels really great. I feel like a Pilates instructor. I feel confident that I am getting the point of all of this. It is more than just a fancy move on a website. It is a way of life. It is allowing people to put the integrity of their bodies in my hands. They trust me to keep them safe. It is my job to maintain that trust as best I can.

Have you had any recent Ah Ha moments? Not in Pilates, necessarily, but in any area of life?


Have you ever loved something so much that you want to shout it from the rooftops?I am not talking about another person or persons. That is easy, I feel that way about my husband and son. I am talking about something outside of a human connection. A passion for anything else in your life?

I feel that way about Mat work. If you have read my blog before, you may have gathered as much. I am a hardcore Pilates Mat lover. I truly believe in the work. It is beautiful, tough, graceful, and classic. It is just a gorgeous way to build your strength, tone your body, center yourself and your life, and stay fit. I want to shout this from the rooftops. I don’t like heights, so I settle for my blog and Facebook platforms. I also can add teaching to that platform.

You can imagine how excited I am that I have a class starting on the 23rd. I asked if anyone has signed up yet. I was told no. That it is going to be a hard sell in the building I am in. I was instantly deflated. I can’t understand how it is a hard sell? People like their machines there, though. I get that, the machines are challenging. But the Mat is no less challenging. In fact, in many moves, it can be tougher than the Reformer. You have no assistance from the springs. You have to rely on your own core strength, balance, and body strength. I am not here to argue which is better. They are both amazing. It is no secret that my passion and devotion does lie with the mat. Don’t let me wittiness distract you though! 😉 I wish people would give it a shot. Let me show them that mat work can blow your mind too. Let me exude that love and passion in my classroom to you. I promise your abs will scream after my abs series. Your bum will burn after my side lying legs series. And when we finish with arms you will be saying, “no I cant do one more set.” I will say, “yes yes you can! Little black dress arms, here we come!!!”

Deflated. That is what I am feeling this morning. I bit the bullet and said I also want to start teaching some Reformer classes to get my hours in as well. I want to get teaching and if I have to start with Reformer here, that is what I will do. I am not chained to one studio. I can find other places that embrace Mat. I feel like I am itching to spring out of the gate and get going though. I know 100% I am ready to teach Mat regularly. I can do Reformer too. I know more than I like to let myself think. I have an hour long Cadillac class to develop for tomorrow as well.

I just need the chance to be able to sing my passion. I know I can bring others in, if I am given it!

What passion would shout from the rooftops if you could? Have you ever been where I am as a teacher. Or with anything else in your life? Read to go, but finding roadblocks all along the way? Have you successfully been able to transfer your passion for something to others?

I came across one of the funniest Pilates quotes I have ever read. It has been cracking me up all day. It is from a Men’s Health interview with George Lopez.

“I started doing Pilates a while back. I thought my childhood was rough? Pilates is harder. When I do Pilates, I think about those sad summers I was making Kool-Aid and trying to sell it on a cul de sac that no one traveled, and Pilates is much harder than that.”

Pilates is hard. No doubt about it. I really appreciate the humor in this though. I like nothing more than a good laugh. I will always pick to watch a comedy over a drama. But like I said, the reality is, it is hard. It is not easy. It is not a one time workout. It is a practice. Something you must craft and master over time. Weeks, months, years. I started doing Pilates in high school. My mom took me to a class. I wouldn’t be where I am right now without her influencing me. I instantly loved it. photo (2)

I am a million times better now than I ever was in my teens or early 20’s even. Especially once I decided to really focus solely on Pilates. I used to rotate between different types of fitness. I am glad I have found a focus. There is such a centering feeling in practicing and perfecting your craft. Pilates is my craft. I continually challenge myself. I know where my weaknesses are and I set goals for myself to correct and eventually perfect them. I have really opened my hip flexors since I stopped running. That was a very tight and short area for me. I can feel a difference. My current struggle has to do with the tightness in my shoulders. I also want to be able to do a perfect teaser every single time. I can do awesome teasers, but every so often I wobble, or get stuck etc. Those are my goals.

Pilates is hard. But that doesn’t mean it should scare you away. It is so empowering to practice a hard craft. When you reach your goals, big or small, you are filled with this sense of accomplishment and self worth. No one but you created that ability. Sure, your teacher/trainer guided you, spotted you, and instructed you. I cannot engage your core for you. I cannot do the work for you. Ultimately, YOU had to do the work to get there.

My motto with teaching is “We are all on our own journey.” When I am explaining things to my private clients I always tell them that. I will carry that on in my Mat class as well. That is the most important part. To stay true to yourself and your body. It doesn’t matter what your neighbor is doing. It doesn’t matter what I can do as your instructor. That is my journey and yours is different. No two journeys are exactly the same. So, while Pilates is hard, life has never claimed to be easy. Sometimes, the hardest things we go through have the greatest results. Pilates is one of those things. And as George Lopez knows, it is ok to laugh about that fact!

Part of my evening yesterday included this final confirmation.

mat schedule (2)

I knew that this was coming. I had been talking to the studio’s owner, my teacher, earlier in the week. I knew it was going to be added to the Winter II schedule. It didn’t sink in until I opened this email. I was sitting with  my very sick toddler on my lap. Watching Cars 2 for the millionth time. I think it was Cars 2, at this point all Pixar films are starting to blur together. We had a 2 hour trip to the pediatrician. I waited for over an hour with my sick toddler to even see a Dr! Then we had to go to the store to pick up what he needed. It was exhausting. I was home, cuddling him because he was in pain and upset. I was scrolling through my inbox and saw one from my studio. I held my breath and opened it, scrolling down. Hoping that it would be there, and yes, it was! I was so thrilled. I called my husband in the room to look at my screen. I even called my mom.

Why was I doubting myself as I scrolled through the email? I had been told it was being put on the schedule. Still, I held my breath. I suppose I was trying to not count my chickens before they hatched. I still have to hope people sign up! That is the next step. I need people to attend! If that all goes well I begin my class January 23rd.

I can do this. I am nervous and the reality is really sinking in. But this is what I want to do. This is what I want my career to  be. I just need to get this first group class out of the way. I have done private sessions. Heck, I have done private sessions with my husband. He does not sugar coat it for me. He is tough to train and I have trained him several times. I know mat work inside and out. I have my first class developed. Their abs will be screaming after my ab set. Their arms will be screaming after I am done with leg pull downs and pushups. I know because mine are when I am done with both of those parts of my class. I need to keep some confidence in my mind and just get past this first class. The rest will come with more and more experience.

With that I am off to go through my whole class myself.


Last night Cadillac training began. I am going to be honest here. I nearly threw in the training towel yesterday. I almost decided that I don’t want to do Cadillac training. We are done with Mat and Reformer. I was feeling satisfied with that. I have this immense passion for Mat work.

My week has not been butterflies and rainbows. I have been in the toddler trenches this week. It has been a rough one. Jack is in this full on tantrum phase. Kicking, hitting, biting, pulling hair, etc. I have spoken to his nurses and pediatrician over two days this week.

My mat class didn’t get put on the schedule before the holidays. I was all ready for it to be added. Then it wasn’t. I am going to admit that I was/am very let down. I was very amped up to teach this. I had a class prepared. I found out the day before it was supposed to occur that it wasn’t going to happen.

Both of those were going on at once. I wasn’t feeling very awesome. I had not much left to give to anyone. I was worn out, exhausted, and feeling a little defeated. Ok, very defeated.

Two things happened:

A dear friend could tell that something was off with me. I didn’t quite broadcast how miserable I was feeling about everything going on, but she read between the lines of a Facebook status. I wasn’t posting one of those annoying passive aggressive ones. I was very straightforward. I wrote about how Jack kicked me in the face during a fit. I know you shouldn’t talk bad about your kids. I wasn’t really. I actually made a sarcastic joke about it. Tied it into him securing his reign as an only child, that he was dedicated to this mission. Usually my updates about him tend to only be positive. So much so that a lot of people don’t believe that he ever cries. I have tried to keep that close to the vest. But when a kid kicks you in the eye, with a shoe on, sometimes it is better to post a status about it than take that aggression out on your kid. It takes unreal levels of patience to not flip out on a child that does that to you. You can’t do it back, I mean if anyone else in this world kicked me in the eye, I don’t think my only reaction would be to post a sarcastic Facebook status! That is the cold hard truth. They would have been kicked back. I don’t believe in kicking my child though, much to his relief, I am sure. (there I go again, being a smart ass)

She knew that I could probably use an email. I am so thankful for her and for that. Over a couple emails I vented all of my toddler frustrations. She has a 1 year old. She is heading down the same road I am in the middle of. She reassured me I don’t suck as a mom and that this too will pass.

I also talked to Jason about stopping where I am with my training. I told him I didn’t even feel like going to class last night. He kept saying that I should just get certified in this, even if I don’t feel like teaching it daily, it is better to have it in my pocket. I begrudgingly went to class. I decided I would go last night, see how I feel, and then make my decision.

I walked in the door after class, swallowed my pride, and said to my husband, “Thank you for making me go to class tonight. I really like the work on the Cadillac. I am going to stick with it.” It is difficult for either of us to say things like that. We are both incredibly stubborn. I knew he deserved to know the truth and the credit for encouraging me. He also had a smart ass remark. We are quite the pair over here. Our life together is never boring. But we did hug. I told him to not be a smart ass and take the compliment with grace. Not one second later, Jack realized I was home and started running and exclaiming MOM MOM and telling me about everything, Car race, Mater, Lightning KACHOW!! etc. I covered his cheeks with kisses. We had a lovely rest of the evening.

And suddenly. I was back. I had one day to feel utterly sorry for myself. We are allowed that kind of day once in a while. When all the crap seems to hit you at once. It happens. We are human after all. Yesterday was better than the day before that, and today is already better than yesterday. Yesterday I was feeling better about coping with toddler tantrums, today I am feeling better about completing my teacher training.

The thing is, everyone gets stressed during this time. Most say it is because of the holidays. For me, the holidays had nothing to do with it. My Christmas is ready to go. Everyone’s gifts are bought and if they have arrived (I ordered every gift online) they are wrapped. I know what we are doing for Christmas eve dinner. I know what is going on Christmas Day. Think family morning/afternoon. Then an ugly Christmas sweater party at my aunt’s in the evening. I have started bedazzling my already ugly Christmas sweater AND vest. I am at peace with the holidays. This stress came from every day, no escaping  it after January 1st, events. That is life though. Always there. But once that stress subsides and you kiss chubby toddler cheeks, hug your sarcastic husband, and everything falls back into place. (For now!)

Christmas Eve/Day is less than 2 weeks away. It is that time of year for holiday gatherings. For us, that begins this weekend. We are attending a Radio City Christmas show on Saturday night. Sunday my inlaws come over to celebrate Christmas with us. My sister in law lives in SC and this is the year they go down there for Christmas. So we adjust our Christmas celebration with my husband’s parents at times.

We will go by my parent’s for Christmas Eve. Christmas Day will be the three of us at our home until about 3pm. Then we will head to my aunt’s home to celebrate with my aunt’s/cousins. On the 29th we have an extended family Christmas with my family as well. On New Years Eve my parents/siblings will be coming over to celebrate both the New Year as well as mini Christmas. One of my brothers is heading to Texas for actual Christmas. His long time girlfriend is from there, so this year they are visiting her family. The celebrations go on long before and after the actual Eve/Day of Christmas. Plus, every other normal day to day activity. Teacher training for me, being at home with an almost 2 year old, Jack’s classes, taking my almost 2 year old out and about besides his 2 classes (today we head to a Children’s Museum), and my husband being the owner of a successful software company. We never stop. We are always doing a million things. ornament

I suspect we are not the only family in the world that has a holiday schedule like this. So, it is no mystery why I have been inundated with articles about how to keep your workouts during the holidays. I have seen probably 10 or more of them this week. I have to be honest. I have not read even one of them. Why? Because I do not believe there is any trick to maintaining your fitness during the holidays. I am going to be brutally honest here. You just do it. You just workout as your normally would. You find the time. If you really want to, you will. If preparing a gut busting meal is that important so is keeping to your fitness regime. I do it, and I have for many years. Even with a baby and now toddler. Maybe you wake up 30 minutes earlier, to fit it in. You do not have to do a 2 hour gym session. Squeeze in 30-60 minutes, surely we can manage that, can’t we?

I am so busy on a day to day basis, but I always make the time to workout. It is no different during the holidays. If that means Christmas dinner is at 5:30 instead of 5:00, then so be it. This year I started a cold on Thanksgiving. I still did a 40 minute Mat workout. The only exception in the last 5 or 6 years of me missing a workout around the holidays was this year on Black Friday. It was day 2 of a week long cold. I didn’t even want to be awake, but I had to go do some observation at the studio, so I went there. But I skipped any Mat or Reformer work for myself. Had I not been sick, I would have gotten up even earlier to fit in a Mat session at home. Then I would have went to the studio by 8:30am. On Saturday, I did mat work before we left for our trip to Wisconsin. I was still sick. I actually did a few Mat sessions at home while sick. I took off a couple days, which is abnormal for me, but I still fit it in a few times. Sick or busy, I still find some moments to workout.

It has to be important enough to you for you to MAKE the time to workout around the holidays. That is the only secret. You have to remember that your fitness and health are as equally as important as making sure all the gifts are wrapped under the tree.

This year, having a toddler has made things extra crazy. Here is what I have done to keep on top of things, which will make making time for my workout on our actual holiday days easier.

  • Shopping online. You can do it whenever. Amazon is my BFF. Free shipping? Often, cheaper prices? YES PLEASE
  • I have been wrapping gifts as I get them. All of my son’s gifts are wrapped and hidden in our room. I did that during nap times or after bedtime. All of the gifts for other family members? Wrapped and under the tree. I did that while he was awake. I let him “help” me. A lot of people have tape on their gifts. But it got done.
  • Workouts in the morning. That way I don’t have an I am too tired excuse by the end of the day.
  • We have already started meal planning for Christmas Eve. I know what I need to buy, 2 weeks in advance!
  • I have been cleaning the house spotless daily. Yesterday it was while Jack was still up. This way things do not get backed up.
  • I make time 5-7 days a week for Pilates. Especially my mat work. I just do it.

I really do not mean to sound preachy or witchy, but for me, this is the plain truth. I feel very passionate about this. In order to successfully stay on top of your fitness during the holidays, it has to be as equally important to you as everything else is. It is your body, your health, and your well being, so take control of that. Not to mention, exercise is a stress reliever. The holidays can be so stressful, why not be proactive and get your workout in, to help maintain a semblance of normalcy during these hectic times.