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Well I suppose I have to write this update. I avoided it yesterday. It was Mother’s Day and I was exhausted. I had other things to do.

I ran my race yesterday morning. My mom arrived just before 7am. We headed over. My boys showed up shortly before the start time. Jack looked tired and hadn’t eaten breakfast yet. But he wasn’t screaming his head off. He was a good little fan! Jason woke him up to bring him over.

I ran it. I gave it my all. I decided to not use my app that updates you on your average mile time. On Saturday I had a crappy run and I think when I heard the first average, which by normal means wasn’t slow but still felt too slow for my liking, I got really psyched out. I didn’t want to get that negativity in my head. I did have my Polar heart rate monitor on though, so I could roughly check up on my time if I chose to and was ready for it.

There were a lot of hills. A LOT. Now there are a few beauties on my normal running route but there were several more on this course and they were not little quick hills. That isn’t an excuse but I just wasn’t as prepared as I wish I would have been.

I ran the whole thing, as I expected. No walking. That was really a given though. I can’t remember the last time I walked during a 3 mile run.

I was able to really sprint the last .2 mile and cross the finish line in a nice 26:22. That was about 30 seconds under last year’s 3rd place! WHAT?!?!?I did it, right?

No, other than making my time goal, I didn’t place. As I stated in my last post I had to give it my all and leave the rest up to circumstance. Circumstance won this year. I came in 6th in my age group. There were 72 women in my age group and I came in 6th. In the grand scheme of things that is not bad at all. But it wasn’t what I wanted. I would have died if I had a 28 minute 5k like Saturday morning. I am finding solace in that. This was also my fastest race result ever! That is a personal best!

I also had a fantastic 2nd Mother’s Day! It was really great. I got to see my boys just before I sprinted across the finish line. They were there cheering me on! Jack fed me blueberries as we sat around waiting to hear about the awards. I was able to check my results before the announced the awards so I knew what was or rather wasn’t coming. But I decided to stick around and see the awards given. So we hung out. Jack met some dogs. It was a nice morning. We came home I got ready and we all hung out outside.

Jackson tried my salsa for the first time! Salsa and tortilla chips. It is spicy. But he loved it!

My hubby grilled me lunch. Filet Mignon, red, green, and orange peppers (a fave of mine!), and a red potato. After lunch I took a nap! Then we spent the rest of the day just lounging around the living room watching movies and playing.

The boys gave me a pepper set and a rub set from Dean and Deluca! I used one rub on my steak yesterday. Yummmmy! I am big into pepper so that was right up my alley. There are all sorts of different peppers I haven’t heard of in it. I can’t wait to use it in some of the homemade seasonings I make.

The next race I have is the Dirty Girl Mud Run on June 30th. I am on a team for that so I doubt I will be worrying about time. I mean it would be kind of a jerk move to ditch all of my teammates just to try to be the best! haha I think I will take it easy on that one, have fun, get filthy, and take some ridiculous photos! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am running it with my aunt and a couple of girlfriends I haven’t seen in a very long time. I would rather catch up with them and have a silly time. I think it will feel nice to just enjoy myself.

My boy and me on our 2nd Mother’s Day! He looks annoyed because as you can see, I interrupted his chalk time. But it was Mother’s Day and what else did he expect? Moms get to be extra annoying that day and you have to give into our whims. haha!

Sunday is Mother’s Day. I am really excited about celebrating it this year. Last year I was too. But I had a 3 month old. I was tired. REALLY tired. He did not sleep at night! I actually barely remember last year. So this year I am super excited to celebrate. Jack is such a ball of energetic fun. He walks, runs, laughs, talks, understands what I am saying. Yesterday if I wasn’t looking at him he would move my head to face him and then plant a big kiss on my face or lunge into my arms for a big hug. He is a charmer. I am just thrilled to celebrate with that little guy!

One thing I decided to do, as I have mentioned earlier, is run a race. It is only a 5k but this time it is important for me. I think there is a great chance that I can place in the top 3 females for my age group. I mentioned this before too. However, yesterday I BEAT the time of the 3rd place runner from last year! She ran it in 26:51.

I ran my first mile in 7:06! That blew my best mile out. of. the. water. OUT OF THE WATER! I knocked over TWO entire minutes off of my total 5k time! I ran it in 26:19. Last year 1st place ran it in 25:14.

I was updating my parents about my success last night. My mom is coming to watch me run. It is the first time she is making it to a race of mine. She MAY get to see me win an award at the very 1st one she attends! AND on Mother’s Day of all days! How awesome would that be?

I was telling my dad about how I beat 3rd place’s time. He told me to go for 1st place. I said well I would have to shave another minute off my total time and hopefully my adrenaline gives me a boost.

His response “Then shave it”

I couldn’t help but laugh. I now know where I get my just get it done attitude when it comes to running and fitness. So I guess I just have to suck it up and shave it off.

I want this soย  badly I can taste it. It is all I can think about this week. TWO days away. But I truly feel like it is still a week away. I know in a way I am getting my hopes up which may lead to disappointment but I have to set this goal for myself. I don’t know who is running it this year. It may not be the same women. It may be someone way faster. If I come in 4th then next year I wont. I would be thrilled with 3rd. But maybe I will surprise myself.

If I don’t and I do come in lower than 3rd at least I tried and at least I set this goal for myself. The best part is even if I don’t “place” I still have built up my endurance a great deal this year. I have repeatedly knocked my old personal bests out of the water. I now know I can run a 7 minute mile if I want to. I know I can run 3.2 miles in 26 minutes. As cheesy as it sounds I already won in that respect. I am definitely benefiting from all of my hard work, placing or not.

I know I will still be mad at myself if I don’t place. I will get over it and try harder. I will give my little goose a big hug and kiss. Go home and celebrate my day with the most wonderful loving son. His love is unconditional and he will love me and be proud of his momma no matter what. He is the biggest momma’s boy I have ever encountered. I will have that happiness to soak up and lounge around in for the rest of the day. NOW that’s a win!

My little goose and me ๐Ÿ™‚

But the very thought of getting an award just makes me smile. I really think I have it in me. I am going to give it all I have, leave it out there on the course, and the rest is up to circumstance.

Yesterday I hit a couple personal best records while running. I am still recovering from some sort of upper respiratory issue. Both my son and I had it. It was not too debilitating but it wasn’t pleasant.

I ran my 1st mile in 8:47!ย  The day before it had been 8:58. BOTH personal bests but yesterday I blew it out of the water. Then I completed my 3.05 mile run in 28:00 flat. Which means I did 3 miles in under 28 minutes.

I am so proud of myself. Ha! I mean, not to boast or anything. Eh, who cares. I bust my arse to workout and stay fit. This isn’t just something I decided to do one day and it came like nothing. I have been working very hard to get to this point.

I was starting to think when I run a smaller more local race there MAY be a possibility of me placing in my age group. That would be so lovely. I would flip out. Obviously this is a huge dream and we will see. I won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen but the idea is nice. I am running a Mother’s Day 5k on you guessed it, Mother’s Day. So in a little over a week.

I just checked last year’s race results. I did not run it. But I checked the top women in my age bracket. The fastest 3 female times in it were 25:17, 26:24, and 27:29. I could do this. It is realistic. Adrenaline will surely help boost my run that day. It always does. I am always amped up at a race. I shouldn’t get myself all worked up and excited though. I don’t want to be let down if I don’t. This is the 1st race where I can sort of taste it so I am going to pause, think of it once more…………………………………….now I will let it go! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Right???

I recall a season when I had a lot of time to get posts written. I was tired and nearly delirious from lack of sleep at night, but man did that baby sleep a lot during the day! This meant if I wasn’t also napping I had more free time to write. I don’t have that free time anymore! He does nap once a day for 2 hours at least. But that first hour I use for my workout and the 2nd is assorted other things.

I have begun a number of posts earlier in the morning without finishing because Jack wakes up before I am done. I have saved them all, perhaps one day I will finish those and post them! (That is funny!)

Jack is 1. Well heading into 13 months at this rate. In less than 2 weeks he will be 13 months! He is amazing and wonderful. He has me in awe daily. He has started to show his stubborn personality as well. I don’t think either of us is surprised or confused about that. If you know my husband and myself you know we are two of the most stubborn people around. We are very like minded though, which is why it works for us. Sometimes I have to laugh at Jack’s temper because I see myself. I try to not laugh too much, as I don’t want to totally encourage it. But sometimes it is just too funny. He is a mini me! MINI ME!

Jack's "mommy face" as my hubby calls it

Mini Me and well me!

We are all done nursing. For over a week now we have been completely done. Let me tell you, I have been enjoying wine and other assorted beverages. Naturally when there is someone else or other people around. No getting hammered during the day by myself! Ha! It sure is nice to be able to share a bottle of wine with my hubby. I know some say drinking while nursing is ok and safe but I was never really comfortable enough with the idea to have more than a few sips once or twice.We all make our parenting choices and that was mine. Not saying it is the only way to operate or knocking anyone who sees it differently. I sure drank a great deal of coffee while nursing. I am addicted to it ๐Ÿ™‚ We are all different!

It went surprisingly well, weaning. I did it over one week. That wasn’t too bad because we had essentially been down to 3 nursing sessions a day. I had one bad attitude day from him. The 2nd day. But he got over it and it went unnoticed on his part for the rest of the week and stopping the rest of the nursings! I was a little sad he didn’t notice. I was sad that it was over. But at the same time I am enjoying not feeling worried if I go to the store or a bridal shower without him. I can! My hubby is completely capable of keeping him fed, watered, and alive.

My home gym keeps coming along. I added a step for more aerobic dvd’s. I love it. I went running twice this weekend. February has been incredibly mild in Chicago. Excellent running weather. I decided since I didn’t have to wait around for Jack to get up before I do things so I can nurse him, I went running both days. Jason home with him. It felt amazing.

This week I am working on a Skinny Ms. Challenge. Not a month long one. Maybe soon I will work up to that. Just a 7 day Abs Challenge I started yesterday. I found it to be rather easy. A little tough at the end because I was tired. I had just run 3.2 miles before I started my ab work. The reverse crunches, all 50, were a little hard too. Over all not too bad though. Today I will do Monday’s, obviously. I will write (I hope…) about this all once I am done. My guess is my abs feel kind of fried next Saturday!

That is a brief update. I have a million other things going on, but I should tend to them now.

Are you on Pinterest? Follow me there, I will follow you back too! I am obsessed. That takes up a lot of my internet time…oops! ๐Ÿ™‚

I have had a super busy weekend! The only reason I am writing now is because I am watching the rebuttal of the prosecution of the Casey Anthony case. I have been following it for the past 6 weeks.

We had people over Saturday and Sunday. We were boating both days. Yesterday I tried wake boarding for the first time! I LOVED it! I have never even water skied but I wanted to try this. I was very nervous but I got up pretty easily.

a little blurry, but you get it

I was shaky, but even after a few times it seemed easier and easier. I cannot wait to try again next weekend. We spent a lot of time tubing and swimming as well.

This morning was the 5k I signed up for. I actually had a boating accident yesterday. I fell from the tube when trying to get on the boat. I slipped and my chest and arm landed on the back of the boat. I bounced off and back into the water. I was unsure last night if I was going to go this morning. But when my alarm went off at 5:45am I decided I would be angry at myself if I skipped it, so I went.

I did it in 30:56! Not too bad considering my accident and how sore I am from all the activity in general. AND for having a baby 5 months ago exactly.

On that note I lost a bit more weight. 128.8! wooo hoooo! Slowly but surely I am getting back there.

Today we head a couple hours away for a family party! Then tomorrow it is back to reality.

I skipped running yesterday. I was just so exhausted. I think Jackson is going through that 4 month wakefulness that can occur. Where babies who previously slept through the night begin to wake again. Except, Jackson has never consistently slept through the night. So this means he is up nearly ALL night again! UGH So I gave myself a cardio break yesterday. I did some ab work and glute work though.

I went for a run this morning. I have concluded that I have to go for runs at night from now on. It is too muggy in the mornings right now. Last weekend the same thing happened. I couldnt breathe then or today! I even took an allergy med this morning before I went but it was no match for my asthma and them mugginess. So my 5k run on the 4th should be interesting. I no longer expect myself to do my best time, if it is this muggy out then. Maybe we will have a dry heat….haha! I am so drenched. Yeah, I am blogging before a shower. I wanted to catch my breath a bit before standing for too long. I dont have an inhaler anymore. I need to go see a dr and get a new prescription. My old allergist is downtown, and we are 30 plus miles away!


It is father’s day weekend! YAY! We gave Jason his gifts early today. Tomorrow we are having my dad and brothers over and Jason’s parents over. So I thought we would just have a little family time today and Jas agreed. At 3 we have a Father’s Day party at Gymboree. We do a photo session at Sears and then head over to Gymboree for an art project. Jason gets to see Jack’s school and meet his teachers! I am very excited about this. He has never seen where we go every Thursday. So it will be nice for Daddy to be involved with this too.

I just wanted to do a quick post. Have a great weekend!

I kept right on track yesterday and went for a run in the evening. It was my best time since getting back into it.

2.90 miles in 27:30!

I should have did the last .10 mile but I was back home again. I was also on borrowed time. Jack was still asleep when Jason got home. BUT he hadnt eaten in many hours because of his long nap. Jason told me to just go, and if the baby woke up he would entertain him until I arrived home. When I got back to our house area I just went home. I was worried he was awake and starving. He was starting to stir when I walked in the door. I was able to quick shower though!

So tonight I just have to extend my route a little bit more than I did last night.

At this rate on July 4th I will run my best 5k ever! I don’t believe I ever got under 32 minutes. I cannot remember clearly what my best time was. It has been so long!!!! But I am setting myself up for doing it in 30 or less! I KNOW that will pay attention from now on. I am so excited for this!

On an even more exciting note….I hopped on the scale this morning! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am weighing in at 130.0 even! This also came before nursing Jackson, since he is still sleeping! My little lazy duck. I am guessing had I nursed and pumped, like I plan to try to do today, I would have broken into the 129 poundage! My left breast is particularly engorged this morning because he hasn’t eaten from it since about 10pm. He woke up at 4am and I fed him on the right side, so even that side is starting to get a little engorged. BUT I will take the 130.0 even. Yup, I should drop into the coveted 120’s soon enough. This is the lightest I have been since having the baby! It is a great day.

So good riddance baby weight. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. I will beat you by running you off. Literally. Pilates and running. These have always been the two best workouts for me. I have known this, but I was having a hard time getting back into running early on. Now that I have I don’t plan on letting anything stopping me. Thankfully my hubby is a good guy and is supportive. I get to go for runs when he gets home or early in the mornings on weekends. Once August rolls around and I get my jogger, then I can squeeze it in with Jackson.

It may be incredibly gross and rainy out today, but inside my home it is bright, sunny, and 75! he he he

Yesterday’s run was amazing. I felt the runner’s high all day. I still partially feel it. I am anxious to get back out there. I knew that I had missed running, but until yesterday I didn’t actually realize how MUCH I missed it. I am a runner. Bottom line. It is how I have described myself for a few years. Not running regularly since last August really meant that a part of me has been missing. Or at least on hold.

I genuinely wish I could be outside for a run with Jackson right now. I was saddened last night thinking about how I have to put it on hold until this weekend. I am determined to get a jogger as soon as he is ready for one. Jason and I were chatting last night and he said he would be up for family runs once we get one! Which is even more exciting. We can go for evening runs and weekend ones too!

Last night I took the plunge and signed up for a July 4th 5k! I figured yesterday I practically ran one. The only reason I stopped at 2.80 miles was because I finished my route and was back at our townhome. I can easily expand my running route now that I have a feel for the distance. I am SO excited to do this. It is a huge step towards getting back to the old fit me.

I also realized why I have been hating how the front of my thighs look. They lost the main toner they were used to! They sure are sore today. I am loving how sore they are. That is probably weird sounding to people, but I honestly appreciate sore muscles after a workout. It is like a small reward that keeps on rewarding!

I do need new running shoes. Mine felt “floppy” yesterday. So loose and broken in. I think they are nearly 3 years old! This week I will find a new pair. That will give me a few runs to break them in before July 4th.

Did you do anything active this weekend? Or did you achieve a goal you have set for yourself? Even something small? I believe it is important to take time for yourself, even if it means a 30 minute shower! The nearly 30 minutes I ran was very rejuvenating. I was able to clear my mind and get lost in my music and my thoughts.