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I am having a very tough time not working out. It will be 3 weeks on Saturday since my last good workout. I feel like time is dragging. I did do a very light post natal Pilates workout on Monday. I didn’t break a sweat and I didn’t exactly feel as if I had worked out. The past several days have been nonstop rainy, so my walks around the neighborhood have stopped as well.

Not working out is torture for me. I don’t enjoy being sedentary at all. I like to move. I like to sweat. I like to feel fit. Right now I mostly feel mushy. I know I just had a baby 2 & 1/2 weeks ago. I know I should cut myself some slack. I know i am nursing and up several times a night. Last night we were up for over two hours at one point because Alexander thought 2-4am was awake party time. I know I am tired. I know the mushiness shouldn’t be at the forefront of my mind right now. Unfortunately it is.

Trying on clothing is miserable. Gross! I know what my body is capable of. I know how I look when I feel my best. This new (and very temporary) body is not my best. I don’t mean to sound like a Debbie downer, but this is the truth. I don’t feel sexy and confident. I feel mushy and slow. I don’t remember being quite so concerned at this point after Jackson. I did start working out regularly at 3 weeks postpartum. But I don’t remember feeling this way. I think because I know I can and will lose the baby weight that I want to jump right back on that train. I did it before, let’s just go ahead and get started. Do it again. I gained a lot less this time. I really only went up a size or two in my pants, depending on the brand and cut. My shirts are basically the same size or a size bigger. My new giant boobs get in the way. So in my fitness obsessed brain, it will take me less time to get back to normal and I just want to start now.

I want to drip with sweat. I want to feel shaky. I want my muscles to ache for a day or two after. I want to feel strong and solid. I want to feel like myself again. I want that rush of exercise induced endorphins.

My weather app says it is supposed to be sunnier this afternoon, so maybe we can squeeze in a walk. I am going to do a different postnatal Pilates workout this morning. As soon as I finish writing this. To give myself a little fix. To help hold myself over for a few more days. Maybe each time I can get more and more intense. I won’t be running a 5k this week, but maybe my arms will be sore tomorrow. Is that too much to ask for?

I am a week away from my due date! Well tomorrow is exactly a week, but it is 3pm on Friday afternoon, so this day is basically over. Lately I have been thinking about all the things I am looking forward to doing when I am no longer pregnant. See, I LOVE my boys, but I am not a big fan of actually being pregnant. I make NO secret of that fact either. Pregnancy sucks. I don’t care how much someone wants to argue with me on that fact. I won’t have any of this it’s the most wonderful experience ever nonsense. Nope. I have done it because well, I had to in order to grow these two little guys.

So, without further adieu, here is what I am looking forward to doing when I am no longer pregnant:

  • Bending over to pick something up. There will be so much room for activities!
  • Doing normal Pilates videos on Oh my GOD, there are so many that I missed out on over the last 9 months. It will take a while for me to get through them all. I cannot wait. After some postnatal ones, of course, but still, it is within reach!
  • Running. That first run will be glorious. I am sure I will pee my pants a little (a lot?) but I won’t care. I will be running.
  • Sleeping on my stomach. That is my favorite way to sleep.
  • Sleeping on my back for a prolonged period of time without waking up dizzy and readjusting.
  • Getting out of bed without it being a 5 minute process.
  • Rolling over in bed without it being a 4 step process.
  • Playing easily on the floor with Jackson AND Alexander.
  • Shaving my legs without trying to maneuver around the belly.
  • No more maternity clothes woot woot.
  • Shopping for new regular people clothes. Fall is my favorite fashion season. I have already begun browsing new arrivals online.
  • Not having constant false contractions.
  • Rehabing my separated pelvis so standing up doesn’t hurt.
  • People not fussing over “should you be doing/lifting/moving that?” I do what I want folks!
  • Not peeing every 10-15 minutes.
  • Not getting winded going up the stairs.
  • Running around with my kids easily.
  • No more belly butter! I plan to treat myself to a nice new sheet set since my greasy belly butter has stained a couple fitted sheets.
  • No more person sitting onto of my ribs, yes on top!
  • Moving like a 29 year old, not an 89 year old.
  • No more nausea (hopefully)
  • No more relaxin in my system. See ya later, sucka!
  • Every single prone position Pilates move.
  • Not feeling like a bloated whale every second of the day.
  • My thighs and butt returning to their normally scheduled programming (size)
  • Last but not least: Snuggling this sweet baby boy of mine whenever I want to.

Anything you would add to the list of things you are/were looking forward to after having a baby? 

Sunday we had a little shindig at our home. It was hot hot hot, in the 90s. We went tubing, wakeboarding, grilled out, swam in the lake. It was a fantastic day with my family! There was no reason to get together other than the wonderful summer weather!

My grandma even made it over. She really cracked me up yesterday. I was running around in my bikini. At one point when I walked into my living room she stopped me and told me the following:

“You don’t even look like you had a baby! Not at all. You have abs!!!!” She then turned to my hubby and said “you are one lucky man!”

On Saturday we were at another family party. She told me I was too skinny and that she liked me with a little meat on my bones. Then smacked my butt!


It really made me smile.  The abs comment especially. I mean I know it was my grandma saying these things. When it comes to grandchildren grandmas can be biased. But knowing that my abs are visible to other people made me feel like my hard work has been worth it.

I wasn’t fishing for a compliment. I was simply running around being a momma and trying to get Jack ready for his nap before we headed back on the boat. (don’t worry my grandma, mom, dad, etc stayed behind. There were land babysitters around! We had a lot of people over.)

Then yesterday I came across this little gem of a meme! It really made me giggle because it is so true. In my life at least.

It is how I felt yesterday. I am a little crispy from all the sun. A little sore from being thrown from the tube and I had at least one kinda rough wipeout on the wake board. Jack’s sleep patterns have been rocky at best the past few days. So I am just tired in general. I took it easy today but I did workout.

It isn’t easy. I do not sit around eating boxes of cookies doing nothing. I workout, I eat pretty healthy and clean, and I am active in general. It is not something that just happens. I had to lose about 35lbs of baby weight to get back to what I was. A good 15 of it came off right after having Jack but the rest of it took a while.

I now weigh between 118-120lbs depending on the day. I have had to eliminate dairy as much as possible. It has made a world of difference in my life. It is sad and amazing at the same time. I wish I could tolerate cheese! MMMM

I have even been finding alternatives to decadent desserts (a weakness of mine) I recently made a frozen black grape dessert. I came across it last week and I whipped it up. I am sorry but when I saw how easy it was to make I couldn’t pass it up. It probably took me less time to make than it takes someone to make a lovely ice cream sundae with all the fixings. It is fantastic! I still have some frozen. I did not use walnuts. I also added some water to get it smoother. My food processor wasn’t making it as smooth as I wanted without a little liquid. And a little extra water never hurt anyone. Hydration hydration hydration!

I highly recommend this. You can really do it with any grape. I have been freezing grapes and eating them for about 8 or 9 years. I never thought to puree them though, how silly of me! I actually introduced my hubby to frozen grapes. Initially he thought me bananas until he tried them! Then he was hooked.

So like I said, it isn’t something that just falls on my stomach, these abs. They didn’t just appear one morning. I looked down and was like oooo hey there hot stuff, where did you come from? You’re welcome to stay. No, I bust my ass daily in my workout room, at the barre, and in the kitchen.

I am really trying to multi-task here! I am working on one of my lessons for class and I want to write a post. All before the most awesome baby in the world wakes up. If I finish this lesson I am caught up. Other than going over their supplementary materials. I will be caught up with all required reading and quizzes.

So why am I writing? Why am I not just finishing the last two short chapters? Because I had no time to write yesterday and I have some huge news!

I have officially lost all of the baby weight! It took me 10 months and 4 days to gain it. It took me 8 months and 6 days to lose it! 123.8 was the weigh in yesterday. I even weighed myself 3 times to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. I wasn’t. It was the truth.

It was hard work. I didn’t cheat. I didn’t adhere to anything too strict either. No crazy diets. No militant food choices. No calorie counting. The only thing close to militant I can say helped is my dedication to physical fitness and activities. I move A LOT. A LOT. One day I should wear a pedometer and track every move I take during a normal active day. I eat relatively healthy. But Jason and I do know how to enjoy food when we want to. But I move and not just when I decide to eat like crap. I am always on the go. When the little man wakes up we will go for a run. We will probably walk to the park later, which is 1.5 miles away. That means we walk home too! I carry him around a lot, he is over 17lbs.

I know everyone is different. We all have different genes and body makeups. For me being active is what works best. Just move and try to be mindful of eating well as a lifestyle, not as a diet or crash weight loss plan. I think the most important part of a healthy lifestyle is being active. I am a firm believer in that. It is my motto anyway. It has to become part of your life for it to work. Just like brushing your teeth, showering, or eating is part of your life. Once it is, it seems odd to skip it. You feel off if you do.

I am glad I have reached this point. It was hard work. Stressful for me. I hated weighing what I weighed. There is still room for improvement. There are some areas I would like to tone up more. That will come with time. I also have noticed that my hips are just shaped differently. I have lost the weight but some pants do not fit the same because my shape has been altered and is ready for carrying babies. My mom said it is time for number 2. I have been going back and forth on that lately. Some days I want another baby. Some days I remember how hard those newborn days are and I want to run screaming from the thought of another one! I know some people love the newborn days and I don’t think I am one of them. I love these days! Give me a 5 or 6 month old and I would have 20 more! ha!

Now I can enjoy being me again. It doesn’t mean I will get lazy. Now comes maintenance, which for me is very easy compared to losing the weight. Reaching this goal won’t make me lazy, I can just be stressed about one less thing. That is a huge weight lifted in itself. Just not thinking about it constantly. Knowing I am home and where I am happ(y/ier). Time to focus on improving running times, my muscle mass, and get back to the flexibility I once had. Ah the changes we go through to birth a human being!

Well, at least it was all worth it! My love!

I believe I will be running a 5k in November. The Hot Chocolate one downtown. I need to get some milk pumped though because I won’t be dragging the boys to it.


Weighed myself today….129.2! That is down a bit from Sunday! I am very happy with this. It is definitely a great motivator, when you hop on the scale and see progress. I’m so close to pre-preggo weight I can taste it!!! That’s all I wanted to share 🙂

Fit. I have been feeling fit again. Finally. I know I still have at least 5lbs to lose. However, I noticed yesterday that I look and feel a little more muscular. I don’t want to be just thin or skinny. That has never been my ultimate goal. I like being and looking toned. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn at rest. A pretty common factoid, I know. It also just looks nice to have a little definition to your body. I was going to point out the areas I am particular about, but listing them out made me realize that I am particular about them all! Arms, abs, back, upper legs, lower legs, my bootay. I like them all looking and feeling firm.

So, being pregnant and soft was difficult for me. If my posts haven’t conveyed that already, there it is stated plain and simple. It was a rough emotional journey for me. I WANTED to get pregnant more than anything in the world. I WANTED to be a momma. I prayed and dreamed of Jackson for well over a year and a half! Then I got pregnant, finally. I couldn’t wait to show and have a belly. Then the belly came and that was fine. But other things expanded, even though I worked out 5-7 days a week still! Those hormones are no match for yoga or cardio. I didn’t gain too much weight, thankfully, but no matter what you have to gain some when growing a baby. Then you have the baby and everything is just mushy and soft. THAT was rough for me. What happen to that muscular body I once possessed!?!? I was rather shocked at how mushy I felt. Which made me even harder on myself.

Fitness can be measured. All through elementary, middle, and high school we are given Physical fitness tests in Gym. You win awards, I always pushed for winning the President’s award. I would be so proud of myself if I scored in the boys’ charts instead of the girls’ charts. It can be measured as an adult, you run 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, marathons. You can complete triathlons, biking competitions, etc. There are all sorts of way to measure your physical fitness.

I don’t think it stops there though. It isn’t only a tangible thing. It is also a mentality. Just because you can finish first in your age group doesn’t mean you always feel fit or fit at all. I am my hardest critic. I admit that regularly. I am aware that I am incredibly hard on myself, and not only in the fitness area. As a mom I am hard on myself, I feel like I could always do a little more. As a crafter I always think my stuff stinks or could be improved. I won’t list every way, but you get the point. After having the baby I did not feel fit. It did not matter that I was 4 days past my due date and still went to my prenatal aerobics swim class, came home, and went into labor. I pushed the baby out (my first baby) in 40 minutes. Did not matter. I felt like a big mushy piggy.  But when I was my fittest before getting knocked up, I didn’t feel fit either. If I skip a day of working out I feel like a sluggish, unfit slob. That was the same before as well.

Am I a bit addicted to working out, like my husband recently stated? Probably. I don’t have time for it to reach an unhealthy level. I don’t have time to workout for many hours a day. It can’t get out of control because of that. So if you are physically fit, in the ways it can be measured, but you don’t feel or see yourself that way, what do you do? How do you achieve that point of view? I don’t have an answer for that. If I did I would never let myself feel unfit. Ha!

I am finally beginning to feel fit again. I don’t feel 100% how I want to, although, will I ever? I think for me the answer lies in losing it and having to work hard to get it back. You know, the old adage, you don’t know what you have until it is gone. It was gone, faded away, and I have had to bust my ass to get it back. Literally.

I have about 5 pounds to lose. 4 1/2 months after having my baby I have 5lbs left. I keep hearing how well I am doing, because it usually takes a year to lose the weight and I am not even at 6 months. Do I believe this? No. BUT I can see my old self reemerging. This is huge. It is a huge boost to that fit mentality. I know I can always be a little better, a little fitter. I will always feel that way.

I measure it by timing my runs, how much I can lift, how easier certain pilates move get. There is major improvement in all areas. In the measured sense I am fit. I know this. I was never really unfit during and after pregnancy because I maintained working out. In the mental sense I am just reaching that summit. A happy summit, where I fell more confident in my appearance. For now at least. In a few weeks or months I will present myself with another fitness challenge. I will want to reach a new goal, in whatever area it is. Then I will be hard on myself, I will reach it, I will be satisfied, then I will set a new goal. So goes the fitness merry-go-round. Always on my toes, always trying to be just a little bit fitter, stronger, better. If you get too comfortable where you are it becomes easier to get stuck in a rut. Always challenge yourself.

So here’s to feeling a bit more fit!

I find that weekends go by too fast. I know everyone says this, but I have realized how quickly they go since having Jackson and Jason has to head back to work on Mondays! I love being home with Jack, but I love our family time even more. He lights up around his Daddy, it is a wonderful thing to see.

That being said, this weekend was great! We had so much fun at the Father’s Day party at Gymboree on Saturday. Just the 3 of us. Yesterday we celebrated Father’s Day with Jason’s parents, my dad, my brothers Dan and Matt, and Dan’s girlfriend Melissa. It was a great visit and a great day. Jack was a little grumpy here and there, but I think he was overwhelmed with all of the people watching him and cooing over him. He is very used to just momma/jack time and then momma/dada/jack time. But I think Daddy and the Grandpa’s had a good day!

Jason's Dad, Jason, Jack, my Dad!

We spent about an hour and a half tubing on the lake. My mother in law happily stayed back with Jackson and spend some Nana/Jack time together. She was thrilled! I made some massive burgers for us, so after we grilled those, some brats, and mini burgers. One of Jason’s Father’s Day gifts was a contraption for mini burgers.

Found this at World Market

He was sooo happy with it. He loves loves loves mini burgers. It was a pretty fun contraption to use.

He didn’t even eat one of my massive burgers. Just the brats and his baby burgers. BUT I think my big guys were rather tasty. It was just a super fun family day. An all in all perfect Father’s Day. Throwing parties gets easier each time and each month Jack grows. I have hosted several things since he was born it was very stressful in the beginning. But this time, I had a lot of fun putting it all together. I forgot to make a side for food besides fruit salad. I wanted to get a potato salad or something, but it slipped my mind. Next time I wont forget.

129.4 lbs!!!!

On a different note, I have a bit more good news. I dropped a bit more weight. Nothing insane. I am at 129.4lbs.

So I lost some ounces. Even ounces are exciting these days. Jason actually asked me on Saturday to not lose any more weight. He thinks I look great now and that I was a bit too skinny before. I told him, that is unlikely. I should get back to what I was before this baby. He then said, “don’t go overboard.” He also called me an “exercise addict” yesterday. He swears it isn’t a bad thing lol.  I had to take some photos for something I am doing. Which, I will likely write about at the end of it. But, I thought I would post one here to show my progress as well. Yesterday I did not do a fixed workout, but I was running around all day getting things ready, cleaning up, etc. I also went tubing. Which is quite the upper body and core workout! I am going to try to go running tonight, if these storms are gone. If they aren’t, then maybe I will just do some pilates when Jason gets home.  I don’t think it is an addiction really. I consider myself very dedicated to working out. It has to become a dedication in your life if you want to set long-term fitness goals. If you want to be a runner you have to run regularly. Bottom line!

My last little thought….my throat is really scratchy from all the lake water I swallowed when being thrown from the tube, because I was thrown, or whipped off several times! haha My brother Dan and I went on together and even he commented, my legs would just fly out from behind me and then take the rest of my body with them! I even skipped across the water like a rock….But it was a BLAST!

What did you and your family do for Father’s Day? Anything fun? Did you relax and take it easy? Any other tubers out there???

Sometimes a little perspective is a good thing. I get all sorts of emails from all sorts of baby geared websites. I LOVE getting info on Jack’s age group. Learning what he should and shouldn’t be doing, games to play, tips to help his development. As someone who was originally going to be a teacher, I am very obsessed with focusing on helping him with his development. And who knows, I may end up teaching just yet. Just not high school. ha!

Anyway, I get emails from Baby Center. Yesterday this was included

Post Baby Bellies

You will have to click the link to check it out. I cannot copy and paste these images like the ab workout for runners.  But I was actually kind of surprised. I want to clarify that I do not think my belly is perfect yet. I never really thought it was, it is my obsession. Looking back, I realize how nice it was. In the moment I never do. I did not realize how different a lot of people’s bellies look from mine post baby. Like I said, I have a lot of work to do still, but it kind of opened my eyes. I could be starting from a much more difficult point. I don’t have stretch marks, it is starting to tighten up. The “pooch” is not that bad (compared). I know in a few weeks when I forget about this article I will be incredibly hard on myself. So this is my belly, nearly 19 weeks after having him. 19 weeks is on Friday. I am 129.8 lbs.

19 weeks after baby...

I still do not think this looks amazing. Please believe me when I say that. I just think that it looks different that what these articles all say it should be looking like.   Ha, I feel like going back into my editor and circling the problem areas. That bottom pooch area really gets me. I will just continue to remind myself, it could be much worse. I do not look 5 or 6 months pregnant still, like some of the articles I have read state is normal and can happen.

I also wonder…am I too hard on myself? These women are proud of their new figures. I am aghast at mine. I refuse to get into a bikini and I only have about 5lbs to lose! My mom and Jason tell me I am too hard on myself. I just cannot buy into that old adage, “you just had a baby” I don’t know why I can’t. When I hear it my brain screams, “THAT IS JUST A LAZY EXCUSE” I am probably insane. But that is what I hear. And I feel I absolutely cannot give in to that excuse. I really feel the moment I sit back and think, “yup, I just had a baby 4 months ago. No big deal about any extra poundage I am carrying. No big deal about not being toned” that all this hard work will go out the window. I feel it is lazy to think that way. I manage to squeeze in a workout daily (sometimes two!), and my son is 4 months 11 days old! I have been doing this since week 3! He still doesn’t sleep through the night on a regular basis. So I am still sleep deprived, yet I run, do pilates, etc. It can be done. I cook dinner nearly nightly, I clean, I do the laundry, I take care of my son, I read a book every night (not an entire book lol but I read a few pages at least), I run the errands, I take Jackson to Gymboree, swim, and playgroup, I shower once if not twice a day, I eat all my meals I am supposed to, I even find time to blog and post on facebook! I manage to squeeze it all in. It can be done. 

So for me there is no “I just had a baby excuse.”  I don’t know if I am explaining my feelings properly. I just get ill and frustrated when I think that I should be accepting that fact. It won’t happen. I WANT to be back to what I was sooner rather than later. There is no need to carry around the extra pounds for the rest of my life. The longer it stays on the harder it may be to lose. The easier it will become to accept this new body, instead of being happy with meeting my ultimate goal.

I cannot say that I wish I could feel proud of this current body after baby, at least not at this point. I will feel proud in about 5 pounds and much more toning. It is what it is for me. I am not criticizing these other women in the least bit. Good for them for having that confidence. Jason has said to me that he wishes he could make fitness a part of his life like I have in mine. I am guessing that is where my personal body image feelings come from. It is such a part of my life, that to feel the slightest bit unfit irritates me beyond belief.

I read through some of the comments to the article. It was interesting how people see this article. Women who seem to have bellies that look worse than any of the images shown complain that too many tiny bellies are shown. I saw it differently…Not that too many large bellies were shown, but that a lot of them looked worse than I realized post baby bellies look. So I am sure I would fall into their category of women they are complaining about and being nasty about. Oh well. Doesn’t change the fact that it is not what it was before Jackson and I am determined to get back there. Making snotty comments about the women who have made some progress is just as awful if I made some rude jokes or comments about the women who are nowhere near close to what they were. It is just rude to do either. Everyone is different and some perspective is good for us all. We can all take something from another person’s journey. I have learned that I could be in a much different position that I am right now. It is not luck that has gotten me where I am, it has been hard work and discipline, but regardless, I could be elsewhere in this long journey.

I don’t know exactly where I was going with this post. Like I said, I am not saying anything negative about these posters of those photos. I was just shocked at what I saw for the time frames. I was surprised at all of the stretch marks. I seriously have one on my right side, that is it. One thing it has done is prove to me I don’t want a second baby. It seems after baby number 2 it is very hard to bounce back. I am so hard on myself now, I cannot imagine if this were any more difficult, how hard I would be on myself!

So, as I began this post, perspective can be a good thing. I honestly did not realize that bellies look that way for some people after a baby. I mean, I guess I assumed that some women get stretch marks…but I thought things looked different.

I will keep up my hard work and continue down my path to the old me. I will get there….It seems to be that I am on the right path.

I kept right on track yesterday and went for a run in the evening. It was my best time since getting back into it.

2.90 miles in 27:30!

I should have did the last .10 mile but I was back home again. I was also on borrowed time. Jack was still asleep when Jason got home. BUT he hadnt eaten in many hours because of his long nap. Jason told me to just go, and if the baby woke up he would entertain him until I arrived home. When I got back to our house area I just went home. I was worried he was awake and starving. He was starting to stir when I walked in the door. I was able to quick shower though!

So tonight I just have to extend my route a little bit more than I did last night.

At this rate on July 4th I will run my best 5k ever! I don’t believe I ever got under 32 minutes. I cannot remember clearly what my best time was. It has been so long!!!! But I am setting myself up for doing it in 30 or less! I KNOW that will pay attention from now on. I am so excited for this!

On an even more exciting note….I hopped on the scale this morning! 🙂 I am weighing in at 130.0 even! This also came before nursing Jackson, since he is still sleeping! My little lazy duck. I am guessing had I nursed and pumped, like I plan to try to do today, I would have broken into the 129 poundage! My left breast is particularly engorged this morning because he hasn’t eaten from it since about 10pm. He woke up at 4am and I fed him on the right side, so even that side is starting to get a little engorged. BUT I will take the 130.0 even. Yup, I should drop into the coveted 120’s soon enough. This is the lightest I have been since having the baby! It is a great day.

So good riddance baby weight. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. I will beat you by running you off. Literally. Pilates and running. These have always been the two best workouts for me. I have known this, but I was having a hard time getting back into running early on. Now that I have I don’t plan on letting anything stopping me. Thankfully my hubby is a good guy and is supportive. I get to go for runs when he gets home or early in the mornings on weekends. Once August rolls around and I get my jogger, then I can squeeze it in with Jackson.

It may be incredibly gross and rainy out today, but inside my home it is bright, sunny, and 75! he he he

I did not go running yesterday. We got home from swim a bit after 9am and it was already ridiculously hot out. I thought getting back into running in extreme humidity and heat was probably not the best idea. Plus, we were trying to get Jackson down for a nap. He fought us for a while. We didn’t even get him down until 11. By then it was definitely too hot. Oh well. I did do a Pilates Ball routine. I had a hard time concentrating though because he was crying through a lot of it. I cannot block that out. No matter how much I try.

I am planning on doing the elliptical at some point. My husband is still sleeping and it is in our room. If both he and the baby are not up by 8, in a few minutes, I am just going in there to use it. He can deal. lol

Since it was his 4 month birthday we took him to Build A Bear. I definitely had the most fun out of the 3 of us! haha The poor kid had a belly ache and we didn’t realize it. He had his shots on Thursday and we believe that he was still not feeling awesome from those. By the evening regular Jackson was back though! I love this photo because he looks like he is thinking “Momma, please, can we just stop this nonsense and go home!”

Oh! Just heard the hubby get up and go into Jack’s room. He is up. Time to feed him, then I can work out! WOOO HOOO!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, we sure are!