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10 days ago I left you behind. For good? I am not certain. For now? Most definitely! I cannot say that it has been tragic or terrible during these last 10 days. As a matter of fact, I feel pretty damn amazing. Incredible. Free. Energized. I would argue that I left you behind and upgraded to a better and more amazing version of you. A version that lifts me up and keeps me going throughout my day.

You always managed to slow me down in the end. Sometimes I would lean on you, hoping for a little encouragement and boost. I wanted you to show me love. I wanted you to pour your energy into me. To let your light shine over me and fill me with an everlasting warmth. A warmth I had hoped I could never find elsewhere. The slow and crawling realization that all I was left with were exhaustion and the dire need for some water immediately, nearly crushed my spirit. I was faced with the reality that I needed to make a choice. Who was more important? You or me?

Who are you?

Who did I leave you for?

These are questions I can answer factually and without reservation.


You are Coffee.11008612_10152617806035836_7878154062388228118_n

And I left you for Green Tea.


I had no set reason for doing this. This wasn’t done to reach some kind of goal. When I would have my second cup for the day, after lunch, I noticed that it actually slowed me down. I often became more exhausted after drinking it. Sometimes even dozing while my youngest napped and my oldest had some quiet time. I traded in my second coffee for green tea. I had much more energy. I didn’t feel so sluggish. I didn’t feel the need for a nap. The change was wonderful. I had energy to stay upright and get things done.

Then I began to notice that in the morning my black coffee just sat too heavy in my stomach. I never add a thing to my coffee, but it just was a touch too harsh. I would wake up a bit from it, but I was just feeling blah. Sometimes I felt a touch acid refluxy. That’s not a real word, but it is how I felt. So then I thought, hm, if it worked in the afternoon, let’s give it a shot in the morning. I specifically chose a Sunday to test this theory out. That is not a weekday kind of test to run! Ha! And low and behold, I felt much much better.

I am not a coffee hater now. Not by a long shot. I almost felt embarrassed to admit that I had dumped my coffee for a new beverage. Coffee is so integral to my existence, that this was hard to admit. My husband pointed out how he had to go buy coffee for the house because he noticed since I quit it, I also forgot to restock it. HA! TRUE! Whoops! I have plenty of tea though. I may go back at some point. Maybe my system just needs a break. Your body changes in your 30’s. ::cringes:: Who knows when we shall meet again.

Both have their benefits. I love them both. Perhaps not equally at the present moment. But they are lovely beverages that can make your day a pinch brighter.

Thanks for all the memories my old friend, coffee, it’s been real. I’ll never forget.


Here is a fun infographic. Strictly for no other reason than I love infographics. (And clearly, tongue in cheek blog posts about dumping a beverage!)

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Do you drink green tea? I do. I drink a lot of it. Every day I have, at minimum, one cup. Usually I have many more than that. I don’t add anything to my tea. I enjoy the flavor the green tea. I also drink one cup of black coffee in the morning. My taste buds work that way.

Yesterday I came across this image on Haley Hobson’s Facebook page. If you haven’t checked out her blog or her Facebook page, you really should! You’re missing out!!! I immediately shared the photo on my page. It always makes me happy to come across these kinds of images. It is no secret that I do not drink pop. My beverage vices are black coffee and green and herbal teas. My one cup of coffee first thing in the morning, water, and tea are the only beverages I ingest. 60937_317984781648837_1315825388_n

There are so many good reasons to drink green tea, so if you aren’t, you should be. On top of all of those wonderful points, the light amount of caffeine in it can give you the boost you need when you are feeling sluggish in the afternoon, or morning! It gives me my super powers. Especially after a long morning with a toddler. A cup of green tea can really make my day much better. I allow myself the moments to prepare it, no matter what craziness is going on. Jack even knows what tea is. When he sees me with my mug he will say “tea.” Momma needs her tea break sweetie. Trust me!

My favorite green tea is Jade Cloud Green Tea from Spice and Tea Exchange. I don’t really drink any other kind of green tea. I just really love it. Their product description calls it a “smooth & mellow cup.” I have to agree.

Jade Cloud Green Tea

My husband even got me a travel tea mug with an infuser for Christmas. It works really well. It has two different lids, one with the infuser and one without. The one with even has an additional screw on lid, so that when you are done, you can remove that entire piece and place it lid down, so excess tea water does not leak everywhere. The hole in the drinking lid is large enough for a straw. I drink my tea through a straw. Even my hot tea. I actually don’t really care for iced tea, to be honest. There is something so soothing about a nice hot cup of tea in your belly.

I am a green tea addict. I am a tea addict in general. I also have an obsession with Ginger Turmeric tea. MMMM MMM MMMMM! I share that tea with my little man, because it is caffeine free. He won’t eat most of the meals I make him, but he will sip Ginger Turmeric tea, so that makes sense!

Do you drink green tea? Black tea? Herbal teas? What is your favorite tea? Have you discovered the health benefits of drinking tea?