It is no secret that I really love my jogging stroller. I have been using it for about 2 months, maybe a little bit longer. I do not have any complaints about it. I recently purchased some add-ons. I bought the Weather Shield and the Handlebar Console. I love both. The handlebar console is great for me. I can keep my phone in there, which I use to track my runs. I can keep some chapstick, water if I remember to grab some, etc! It is so handy.

I used the Weather Shield yesterday for the first time during the entire run. It was a bit nippy out. I had Jack in a coat, long pants, a hat too. I put the Weather Shield on before we even left. When we returned and I scooped him out to bring him inside he still felt warm to the touch. His little hands were not even cold! I am feel excited about this because I get to utilize my stroller in chilly weather.

The only time I heard a fuss from Jack yesterday was when his hat fell over his eyes. I took it off after that and he STILL was warm by the time we got home. It was in the 50’s yesterday when we went running. It could have been a little chillier even with the wind and running into the wind.

He prefers this stroller to our other one. He has barely any patience in the smaller regular stroller. That is why I like this one. I can use it for more normal activities. With one move you can transform it from off-roading/jogging stroller to well a strolling stroller. It is so sturdy. I even had a passerby ask if they could get a ride in it instead of Jack! Ha! I told them they had to take that up with the little man and I wasn’t sure if he was up for sharing.

I know that it can seem pricey, but from my experience it is great and well worth every dime. The Weather Shield is going to extend the use of the stroller each year as well. I could not have more praise for this product. I love it love it love it!