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Yesterday was a great day. Fantastic day! It was the Dirty Girl Mud Run!!! I had an amazing time. One of the best times of my life. I cannot wait to complete another mud run or some sort and to do this one again next year. My plan for next year is to do the Warrior Dash with my very best friend. She couldn’t do this run because she is 38 weeks pregnant!!!! Soon to give birth to a gorgeous new nephew of mine!!! YAY!

On to photos! It was an incredible day.

I said goodbye to an old friend….

bye bye shoes

I donated them after the run. I am still feeling a little sad this morning that they are gone. A slight hoarder tendency? Perhaps but I ran my best race time ever in these puppies. I really loved them. They were just starting to give me a blister. I know I have my new fantastic pink Brooks but I will miss these.

Still clean

Our whole team

Let the fun begin!!!!

first mud pit. Don’t worry I put more than my foot in 😉

The above is the last photo until I was done. I was stupid and didn’t clear my camera. My mom ran out of room! Memory card was full. She didnt know how or what she would be allowed to delete. Oh well. Professional photos were taken, so I hope there are some good ones!


we are goofs

yeah buddy!

I am done!

So what did I think? I didn’t feel it was too hard for me. It was kind of a breeze. A fun breeze though. I wasn’t there to win a race or anything of that sort. I was there to have fun and I did. I am not really sore today. My right elbow was scratched and that kind of stings. That is about it. I am going for a run around the lake in a little while. The scariest part for me was the net thing we climbed. It was pretty high up. I have a fear of heights. I flew up it like a little spider monkey. When I got to the top. I looked down and had to take a breath. I was also afraid of grabbing the metal bar and slipping since my hands were muddy. I managed to keep going over without much hesitation though. Grabbed a part of the rope I could instead of the metal bar and went down. Not as fast as a spider monkey this time but still quick enough. When I was 7 I fell out of my second story bedroom window. I landed on our driveway. I have a rational fear of heights. haha But I didn’t let it stop me.

I know I said this but I seriously cannot wait to do this again. I mostly can’t wait for my BFF to be ready to run it with me. We are so alike in everything, even our fitness that we need to complete one of these together. I know we will be able to keep pace with one another. I am just itching for it to be next year now! Her little man will be nearly 1 mine will be trucking into 2 1/2. I think we will deserve a down and dirty momma day!

I hope to have some good professional photos. If there are I will definitely be buying those. I think I shall frame them all over my house hahahaha

Yesterday I ran the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle 8k. 4.97 miles. My official time is 48:46! I ran the whole thing. I did not stop for even one quick walking break. I had predicted I would run it in 55 minutes. That time I what I would have been happy with. I am ELATED with this time!

I had been running and running and I just didn’t feel awful enough to stop. Then eventually I got to mile 4. Why would I stop then? I knew if I stopped to walk with less than a mile to go I would be so mad at myself. I ran this far, what is .97 miles in comparison? It is nothing. So on I trucked.

I am not ashamed to say I am very proud of myself. I destroyed my original goal. I did not quit when I could have. I think today I still have some of that runner’s high you often hear about. I know for a fact I had it all day yesterday. I am so excited that I did it. I put my mind to it yesterday and I was not weak. I also walked over a mile there and over a mile home. On the way back I carried Jackson for quite a while. He is no lightweight either. I swear the kid is at least 23 pounds. I just ran that race and here I was lugging my toddler around the city. I felt like a strong momma.

I have been thinking about what other races I can sign up for. This race was huge. About 40,000 people. It was an experience. I am used to Jason being able to meet me right at the finish line. Literally taking a photo as I cross it. He could not do that yesterday. I had a lot of fun though. I may do a smaller race for my next one. I do want to keep doing the longer races. I am doing the Dirty Girl Mud Run in June. I am so pumped for that. It isn’t just a running race. I hope to be able to use the rest of my fitness skills.

Now it is time to go look up some other races in between now and then!

Sorry I have no photos really of the race. I couldn’t find my camera while we were packing up to head downtown and we had to get on the road!

I do have this one before I left to make it to my corral on time. Jackson was eating breakfast and he wasn’t too happy to be interrupted 🙂

Getting ready to Shuffle, he was eating