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I have been using the Daily Burn app for about a week now. I am really enjoying it. I have used the mapmyrun app previously. What I like about this app is that it’s focus is not mainly on running. This is the off season for running for me because it is too cold to drag the kid outside. Plus I just find running in weather that is TOO cold and it is miserable. I actually do better in extreme heat. I digress.

The daily burn tracks

  • Nutrition, if you want. They have a nice list of foods for you to choose from. You can also add foods if you would like. They even have brand name foods and you can search by that name. I was able to find my Lucerne Fat Free Cottage Cheese. (When I tried for about 10 hours to track my food. I don’t like tracking food. I find I tend to eat far too little when I do that and when you are nursing and don’t have a weight problem I don’t think that is really good!)
  • Track Exercises. Their list is rather long of different exercises you can track with calorie totals. Right up my alley. I may not focus on recording every calorie I take in but I do like to track the calories I burn! You can also add exercises online. You may submit them for personal use only, for public use, or both!
  • You can track your weight gain/loss. Depending on your goals.
  • You are able to set goals for yourself.
  • You can view your progress.

This is all with the FREE version. There are even a few free “programs” you can follow. Training plans. There are 3

  • Weight-loss training plan
  • Cardio Training Plan
  • Strength Training Plan

Then there are MANY plans you can follow if you upgrade to Pro. It is only a matter of time before I upgrade.

I have recently begun playing around with their website under my account. There is so much on there as well. I have been able to add some moves that I like to use that I didn’t find on the app. I appreciate that since I am always looking for fun new exercises in magazines and online. I like to keep my workouts fresh so that I avoid a plateau at all costs.

Basically I feel this app has a lot of offer, and I have only used the free version. I recommend it if you are looking for a way to track your fitness goals. Or even your nutrition goals.

You can have friends or as they call them motivators. Check out what they are up to and they can do the same for you. Currently just my hubby is one of my motivators. You can create a profile and there are forums. It is a social network for the fitness freak.

You can create or find challenges to set for yourself. This was an important factor for my hubby. He likes goals set for himself. It keeps him motivated for all things. He wanted something where he could set goals or challenges and then meet them. I don’t need that kind of incentive to stay motivated, it is just part of my life and routine at this point, but if you do feel you need that, it is here for you.

I haven’t found anything I dislike so far. Other than wanting to explore a few things that ended up being part of the pro account. I understand that. I am not bothered. They are a company and want to make a profit so they can feed their families. I get it. So I can wait until I decide to upgrade.

I highly recommend this app and site. I am obsessed and loving it.

Yesterday’s run was amazing. I felt the runner’s high all day. I still partially feel it. I am anxious to get back out there. I knew that I had missed running, but until yesterday I didn’t actually realize how MUCH I missed it. I am a runner. Bottom line. It is how I have described myself for a few years. Not running regularly since last August really meant that a part of me has been missing. Or at least on hold.

I genuinely wish I could be outside for a run with Jackson right now. I was saddened last night thinking about how I have to put it on hold until this weekend. I am determined to get a jogger as soon as he is ready for one. Jason and I were chatting last night and he said he would be up for family runs once we get one! Which is even more exciting. We can go for evening runs and weekend ones too!

Last night I took the plunge and signed up for a July 4th 5k! I figured yesterday I practically ran one. The only reason I stopped at 2.80 miles was because I finished my route and was back at our townhome. I can easily expand my running route now that I have a feel for the distance. I am SO excited to do this. It is a huge step towards getting back to the old fit me.

I also realized why I have been hating how the front of my thighs look. They lost the main toner they were used to! They sure are sore today. I am loving how sore they are. That is probably weird sounding to people, but I honestly appreciate sore muscles after a workout. It is like a small reward that keeps on rewarding!

I do need new running shoes. Mine felt “floppy” yesterday. So loose and broken in. I think they are nearly 3 years old! This week I will find a new pair. That will give me a few runs to break them in before July 4th.

Did you do anything active this weekend? Or did you achieve a goal you have set for yourself? Even something small? I believe it is important to take time for yourself, even if it means a 30 minute shower! The nearly 30 minutes I ran was very rejuvenating. I was able to clear my mind and get lost in my music and my thoughts.