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This week has been one of the longest weeks in a while. Not all in a bad way either. I have just been doing a million things, so has my hubby, and so has Jackson!

We are all looking forward to tomorrow. We head to the Pumpkin Farm with the grandparents! We have been looking forward to this weekend since last fall when we went and I was pregnant. The pumpkin farm we are going to is so neat. They even have real giraffes the kiddos can pet!

On Wednesday we had swim. The heater in the pool was broken. So the water was obviously a little cold. Jack was alright swimming for the first 10-15 minutes. Then he stuck his face in the water and choked a little. Normally he shakes that off and keeps going. But I think after that and the coldness he was done. He didn’t want to play at all. My little pumpkin kept trying to burrow into me. So we left early. Only to head into an even colder locker room! He was very upset. I tried to take a warm shower while holding him except the showers had a very rough stream and he didn’t like that either. I ran to change him quickly. While he was crying and making sounds I swear he said “momma” so clearly that I repeated the word to him saying “momma, yes momma is moving as fast as she can!” I have been trying to get him to say it again but I am not good at letting him get so upset he says it. It seems he only did it because he needed me so much at that moment. It is a step!

Yesterday at Gymboree he hit another milestone! He has begun the army crawl! Oh my!!! I was so excited and happy for him that I cried! He has gotten the concept that he needs to move his hands as well as his legs to go forward. He pulls himself with his little arms. It is the cutest thing. He is on the move. Thankfully not super quick yet. But it is just the start and I am in for an adventure. I am so happy for him. He has been working so hard at this for the past 2 months. Thursdays at Gymboree were upsetting for me and him until after the exercise part was over. He even went on to do it a home a number of times. Jason got to see it in person. We seriously have to measure for safety gates.

On a fit note. I have been trimming down my average mile time while running with the little man! I am back in the 11’s. Not my best time but I challenge you to push about 50lbs of stroller and baby and gear and see how your time changes. It has been an adjustment. You truly have to get in stroller pushing shape.

He is still asleep because of the crazy winds we had last night. They kept waking my poor baby up. He would sound terrified. He calmed down as soon as one of us went in there and comforted him. Thankfully. But I imagine he is exhausted. I am looking forward to whatever adventure with him today brings.

Jack man is becoming quite the little foodie. I am fairly certain all of his favorite foods are orange/yellow foods. Check out him eating a nectarine for the first time. I was munching on it while holding him and he kept trying to get at it, so I thought, what the heck I will let him have a taste.

The nectarine was bigger than him!

The photo does not do his reaction justice. The video is much better. But he loved it and was fascinated by how delicious it is. He also loves cantaloupe and sweet potatoes. These three are his favorites. Each time he tried these three foods he did not turn away. He instantly loved them. Everything else, it took a few times of introducing it for him to enjoy it. So that is how we know he actually loves it. We are huge fruit lovers and he is very clearly our son. I don’t think I am going to ever have a problem getting him to eat his fruits. I am very excited about this.

Last night was a night my hubby has been counting down to. He is from Wisconsin and loves loves loves cheese. And that is still an understatement. Jackson tried cheese for the very first time. Melted in his sweet potato, green bean, and yellow squash meal. I had some shaved Parmesan and decided to throw it in his meal. It was nice and melted. mmmm I tasted it and I thought it was pretty yummy, like a veggie casserole! It may have inspired me for a new side dish. Jackson liked it. I will put some more in there tonight.

It has been beautiful running weather lately. I have been enjoying getting out in the morning for a refreshing run. I bought the cover for my jogger that keeps him warm and dry in poor weather. He doesn’t care to be all bundled up. It is going to be a long winter. I hope this mild weather sticks for a couple months and the cold stuff stays away until at least December.

Tomorrow we start swim lessons. As of this week our schedule becomes bananas. Monday we can attend Baby bistro, Tuesday is free, Wednesday swim lessons, Thursday Gymboree, and Friday Play Tots. Both play tots and baby bistro require no registration or payment so those are just depending on how our day goes. I start school again in 2 weeks tomorrow. I have a BA in History from Loyola University Chicago. I got pregnant shortly after Graduation. I always knew I wanted to stay home with our baby, so it was easy for me to just do that. I didn’t have a job yet to leave. I have decided to take some photography classes online. In case I ever want to take some photos part time here or there down the road. I have been encouraged by my mom and mother in law and I finally decided to just try. I have loved photography since high school. I have taken a couple courses in the past but all were film classes. The classes I found are all digital. I am excited. Even if it just improves my skills for taking photos of my family and friends! It is something I enjoy and I am finding time to do something for myself.

Our fall and winter are going to be busy! I am excited though.

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Today my baby is OVER six months old. Yesterday he turned 6 months. On Wednesday night I was clinging to the fact that it was his last night being 5 months old. I truly feel as if time is just slipping through my fingers like sand. I love him so much it is ridiculous. I am in wonder of him. He is just an amazing person. I find it fascinating how quickly their personalities shine through. I wrote a bit about this on facebook yesterday but I will mention it again. He is so very brave and courageous. I see it in him every day. If he wants something he goes for it. He thinks about the consequences later, like falling over while sitting up. He normally sits supported by his own hands, yet he always wants to play with something while sitting. He just goes for it. Lets go with one or both hands to grab for his toy. I am always there to catch him right now, but he just goes for it and will take the tumble, as long as he gets his toy. I know that I am in trouble very soon as he starts moving. He is going to be in everything. And honestly, that is ok. I want him to explore and develop his curiosity.

Speaking of that, yesterday was his last time at Level 1 Gymboree class. Next Thursday he begins Level 2! Yikes! I think it will be fun though, even during his adjustment period. I think we will learn a lot of fun things to try out at home.

Being a mom is hard and tiring work. No doubt about that. I feel more exhausted now than I did in the beginning. He has been sleeping through the night lately but yet I am always utterly exhausted at the end of the day. Because we do so much more now.

I am pretty sure he has started posing for photos with me. He does this move in a few lately lol

Our days are filled with adventure. I love it. I feel so accomplished at the end of the day. I spent the day helping my little man grow, explore, develop, and learn. I have always wanted to be a mom. Playing house was my most favorite game as a little girl. I would dream of how great it was. But I never imagined it would be this amazing. Hard, tiring, amazing, wonderful, lovely, messy, worrisome, all of those in one huge bundle of awesome. I wouldn’t change a thing. Like I mentioned in my last post, I am totally satisfied with our life right now. It has been crossing my mind a lot lately, how blessed I am to honestly feel satisfied and content with life!

On a totally different note. Mosquitoes have been cramping my style lately. I am itching, pun intended, to go for a run.  However, where we live, in Lake County, the mosquitoes have been ridiculous. I was outside for about 3 minutes the other day at 2pm. I tried to take Jack swimming in his splash pool. I was swarmed! I counted at least ten brand spanking new bites! I rushed him back inside. I want to go running but the area where I run is very woodsy and there are several yards along the way I know are prone to flooding AND I run around the lake. All a perfect storm for the little bloodsuckers. So I haven’t been getting out there. I have been doing my SHAPE dvd. It is what it is. I miss the runs but I cannot put him at risk with the bites or myself really since I nurse him. It is going to be time very soon for me to look into getting a membership somewhere. First it was the out of control heat and now it is these bugs. Fall will be here soon enough and that should be nice. There are a couple 5ks I plan to do with Jason and Jack. How fun, family runs!

So here is to the next 6 months, which I am sure will fly by even quicker than the first. Sometimes I cannot believe how quick one single day flies by! We are movin and shakin towards his 1st birthday!

This week has been so busy. I have been doing a million things. We got a job for a photoshoot though Medela. They selected two mom/baby models to come that day. They made their final decision about who to shoot the day of. They went with the other pair (we still got paid!) because I am blonde and the last momma they used was blonde and we resembled one another. The other girl that came down that day had dark hair and her son had a lot of very dark hair. Little Jack has such light blonde hair that he looks bald. It is ok though. I was super disappointed but my hubby pointed out, we got paid and didn’t have to work. That is smart!

Walking around downtown

We had to go downtown, where we used to live. So we showed Jack the city and our old neighborhood. He seemed to love all the sights to see. We stopped at our old condo. Well we still own it but we obviously do not live there anymore. I think we had a blast showing him around. He even got to see what would have been his bedroom.

in our condo...want to buy it???

It turned out to  be such a fun day together. He was so wonderful too. He was going with the flow. He was happy after catnaps. He never got a luxurious nap in like he normally does at least once a day. He didn’t seem to mind not being in familiar surroundings. He will be 5 months on Monday. He is really starting to grow up. I am enjoying it but I am also sad about it.

On the balcony with Dada

Yesterday we had a vet appointment for the kitties. This meant Jason stayed home again. We also had another fun day together. It was Gymboree day as well. Jason got to come with us for the first time. Jackson seemed to enjoy having us both there. It was wonderful for Jason to get to be involved in some of this fun stuff instead of always being at work while we run around doing activities. I also enjoyed watching him interact his own way.

Parachute time

I even stepped back and let them play without saying “no do it this way or no the song goes like this” GASP!!!! I know, I actually relaxed and let him take total control. Ok, so I didn’t do it RIGHT away but after a few minutes into class I did. That is a huge step for me. I am kind of a control freak, especially when it comes to my only son/child. I like things done a certain way. I know I need to give up some control, but not right now.

So happy to play with Dada

I have a million things to do today. Our house is a disaster since we really weren’t around much. I probably shouldn’t even be writing, but I decided to take a few moments to unwind this morning. I have been getting all of my exercise in despite being so busy. I haven’t missed a day! Today will probably be a pilates day, unless the temps stay under control then I will go running. I treated myself to some more new running gear yesterday. It is incredibly motivational to have new things to wear. I just want to put them on and use them right away!

This weekend is going to be even busier than the past couple of days. We have company coming over tomorrow and Sunday. Monday I have my 5k! AHH I DO need to get cleaning! YIKES! See you all next week!