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Recently I was asked how I managed to run so much with my oldest in our jogger. It has got me thinking over the past couple of days. I figured I would share my tips for success here. I successfully ran with Jackson in the jogger for several years. Up until I got pregnant with my second. I am about to start jogging more often with the new baby as well. He is almost 7 months old and the weather is starting to be nice enough. We went once, with Jackson on his scooter. I am looking forward to getting them out there more often! For now, here are my tips on getting in runs with your kiddos and a jogger.

  • Use it as strength training. Do not use the run as a speed run. Joggers are heavy. Kids get heavy. Don’t expect to set a speed PR when pushing them. If you can, well my hat is off to you! But most likely slow and steady will win this race. You are building up endurance. I always compare it to a baseball player swinging a bat with weights on it. When he goes to swing for real, that bat will be so much lighter. When you DO get to run alone you will feel like you are flying!
  • Snacks, toys, drinks, iPhone. Some or all of the above. I always went with the whole shebang. When he would get particularly restless, handing over my phone would give me lots of running time. His personal favorite, Angry Birds videos on YouTube, did the trick. But whatever floats your kid’s boat, use it. And run until your legs are jelly!
  • Be prepared to stop. It is inevitable. You may have to stop to check on something with the little one. They may fuss or ask questions once they can talk. You will most likely have to stop to attend to something. And that is ok. Remember the first point!
  • Talk. Sometimes I would talk to him while running. Hearing momma’s voice is reassuring. You can point out cool things you see. Clouds, birds, etc.
  • Take your time on hills. They can be brutal on an alone run. Add in that heavy stroller and kid we talked about, and they are straight up torture. So, slow down. Shorten your stride a bit. Pull that belly in and up (use your core muscles!) Squeeze your glutes. And never be ashamed to take a walk break up that hill if need be.
  • Try one handed. Sometimes I would alternate hands that pushed the stroller. Letting the opposite hand move back and forth as if I were running without the stroller. I found it helped me stop from hunching over. When I keep both hands on sometimes my shoulders creep up into my ears. This is bad form and posture. Switching hands helps me stay a bit more balanced.
  • Stretch. Be sure to take time after your run to stretch it out. Since it is nice enough to run outside, it is nice enough to stretch outside! Take the little one out of the stroller and have them join you in your stretching. When Jackson got older I even had him stretch me.
  • Bad runs happen. Don’t be discouraged if you have a bad run. If the baby/toddler cries during a run and you end up having to carry them home while pushing an empty stroller. Been there done that. Like us, kids have bad days and moments. It happens. Take it in stride. (see what I did there?) Hopefully the next run will be better. Use your walk home as clocked miles. Heck, you’re still moving. While carrying a squirming kiddo and pushing a stroller. That is a workout too! Shrug it off and don’t give up!

Here are some photos from over the years! I do love my BoB


Jackson was about 6 months old here

Single handed

Single handed. Notice extra snacks on hand! Not for me. HA!

Pre run selfie with the big guy!

Pre run selfie with the big guy!

Jackson helping stretch me after a run

Jackson helping stretch me after a run

We didn't run together in this race, but he was there in the BoB to cheer me on!

We didn’t run together in this race, but he was there in the BoB to cheer me on! Look how big he was!

The BoB lives on for round 2 kid 2

The BoB lives on for round 2 kid 2

I tried out intervals when running yesterday. There is a link on my page I posted about interval workouts. I followed through and tried it. It is hard especially while pushing about 50lbs of stroller and baby up hills! It felt really great though. AND I actually did it, which felt like an accomplishment. Hard or not I tried and I did it.

My running app is all messed up. It doesn’t actually have a setting for where I put it, in my stroller tray. I think it is time for a new app anyway. I am pretty sure this one was free and it is pretty basic.

Also, my normal route was partially closed due to construction. I had to head the other way and double back. Between both hiccups I am not totally sure all my totals for the day. Unfortunate, but I do know I got an excellent workout regardless.

On that note does anyone have a running/jogging iPhone app they love and recommend? I want to try a new one. Has anyone encountered one that is for using with a baby jogger? Do you have an armband that you like? I had one but I lost it. I have been wanting to replace it for some time but I am having trouble making a commitment! HA!

I also ordered a new dvd to try to switch things up. I will write about which one and if I liked it after I try it. I am feeling in a weight loss rut. I have sort of just stopped since August. I still vary from needing to lose 2-4 lbs depending on the day. If you were to ask my husband or mom I am insane and both refuse to talk to me about this. My mom refuses to read this blog as well. However, it is very important to me that I get to my pre pregnancy weight, and yes a pound or two is a big deal for me. I feel that if I accept a pound here and a pound there that I am setting myself up for slow weight gain over time. I feel I can always be a little better. Jason and my mom went on to tell me that it is time to settle that I look great etc. I just can’t settle. The settle comment came from a joke on the show Louie that the hubby and I watch. Ahh that husband of mine, always the funny man! I have a goal and I plan to achieve it.


We were able to go for a run as a family together yesterday! It was so much fun! I am also in love with the stroller. It is amazing, perfect, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. It is incredibly sturdy, which is what we wanted when it came to a jogging stroller. We wanted to make sure Jackson was as safe and comfortable as possible.

jogger baby

I think we were successful! Although, you can tell who put him in the stroller. Notice the strap pads, how they are all uneven like he is drunk! Dada put him in there, not momma! I did not notice this until I was looking at the photos. But I will say, he looks rather comfortable in his new contraption. It is going to grow with him too, which is very important. It can hold up to 70lbs total.

Just touching the shade umbrella thing feels sturdy. Jason kept going on and on how it felt like solid metal, which it is.


Our normal stroller is very nice and we love it, but you can tell that is just for walking and such. This is a safe big beast.

Our run went very well. Jackson made some sounds at the beginning. When we weren’t moving fast enough. HA! I called him our little Jillian Michaels. Because when we started running at a steady pace he was happy as a little clam, enjoying the cooler evening air. We ran around the whole lake. Which I know is just over 3 miles or so. Jason forgot to lock his iPhone app and it didn’t record our distance and time. But I really didn’t care. I know about how far it is at this point. I wasn’t concerned with time at all. I was concerned with having a good time exercising as a family. Mission accomplished.

Jason is all ready to go again tonight, but I won’t be around. I won a Mary Kay gift basket and pampering session and the session is tonight. My mom called me the lucky little entrepreneur. I keep bringing in income by winning things, the Medela shoot (which paid a good amount) and now this gift basket valued at about 100 dollars. Hey, I will take it. So tomorrow night we will go running again. I think this will be a nightly thing as often as our schedules allow.

Overall, this was one of the best purchases we have made as a family. At least in my opinion. I am guessing Jason would pick the boat. Next year Jackson will get to use the boat much more than this year. I am looking forward to our run tomorrow evening.

This is one of the most important things to me as a parent. Besides manners. (I have a clear vision of how well mannered I want him to be, hopefully I can manage to teach him this!) I really want to instill in Jackson how important fitness and healthy living are. I think this is a fantastic start. He is going to grow up always having an active lifestyle, it will just be something totally natural to him. I do not care what sport he picks to love, I just care that he gets up and gets moving. Even if he doesn’t want to do an organized sport but just likes to go on runs or bike rides, etc.

Until next time…