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I have my Shamrock Shuffle photos! I am so excited to share them.

Nearing the finish line

Almost there!

After I crossed the finish line, double checking my time

Just after I crossed the finish line! DONE

I have to say they got some really good ones. And for running an 8k and being at the end I don’t look all that awful! Like I had said in my original post about this race I couldn’t find my camera prior to heading downtown on Saturday night so we had to go without it. I didn’t actually think there would be photos captured of me. I mean there were nearly 40,000 runners that day! So 4 cool photos is not too shabby.

Jack is sick today. A cold the poor thing. He finally just went down for a nap. He usually goes down between 11-12. It is after 1. Last night he woke up 2 times, he never ever does that these days. My heart is aching for him. I want to make him feel better and the little I can do doesn’t seem to be helping. My grandparents and my great aunt were supposed to come visit today. That was canceled since he is so sick. I had told them they were still welcomed but they thought it was best for us to let him relax. It ended up being a good idea because he seems to feel crappier and crappier.

My poor munchkin face

Look at the poor face. I feel soooo awful for him. Oh the scratch on his nose isn’t from being sick. He fell down at the park yesterday. Poor thing! A nasty scratch on his runny, stuffy nose! And Momma keeps coming at him with Boogie Wipes to wipe the snot away.

When Jason gets home I think I will go for a run, hopefully 6 miles. I think I will need it to clear my head and prepare for tomorrow if he is still sick then. Today has already been long, and it is only 1 pm.

A couple of weeks ago we had a photo session with our favorite photographer, B. Langfeldt Photography. She is just awesome!!! We began our photography relationship with her when Jackson was 9 days old. She took some gorgeous photos of our precious newborn son. Jackson was so little and really didn’t want to do anything but be held by me. She had such patience with him.

This is one of our favorites from that session. He had a hard time settling down for this but he eventually did and she captured some amazing photos.

We were not disappointed with this 6 month/family session! I need to go on a frame shopping spree. I need them for here and Jason asked for a ton for his office! I am trying to find a large multi-photo frame for above our couch. I have two other ones downstairs. One in the living room but across the room from the couch and one in the front hall way. I clearly need more…(take a look below!)

If you live in the Chicagoland area please check out her site B. Langfeldt Photography. She does beautiful work. Her prices are great and she gets your photos back to you in a very timely manner. This session took 1 week because it was a mini session. Jackson’s newborn photos took 2 weeks because it was a full session. She puts up preview photos on Facebook the evening of your photo shoot. For someone like me (a clear lover of photos) that is the ultimate perk. I love being able to preview a few so quickly.

The prints look amazing. You can even purchase a cd with all of your images so that you have rights to them and can write blog posts about them! haha! We love her and we will be using her again…and again…and again!

Family <3I just love his eyes!This is my husband's favorite. For obvious boy bonding reasons! 😉

He is such a little man!

His look says, why are they kissing again?

such a big boy!

very much a little boy...putting the leaf in his mouth

one of my favorites!

another favorite. He is my heart!

boys will be boys

happy family!