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Yesterday I ran the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle 8k. 4.97 miles. My official time is 48:46! I ran the whole thing. I did not stop for even one quick walking break. I had predicted I would run it in 55 minutes. That time I what I would have been happy with. I am ELATED with this time!

I had been running and running and I just didn’t feel awful enough to stop. Then eventually I got to mile 4. Why would I stop then? I knew if I stopped to walk with less than a mile to go I would be so mad at myself. I ran this far, what is .97 miles in comparison? It is nothing. So on I trucked.

I am not ashamed to say I am very proud of myself. I destroyed my original goal. I did not quit when I could have. I think today I still have some of that runner’s high you often hear about. I know for a fact I had it all day yesterday. I am so excited that I did it. I put my mind to it yesterday and I was not weak. I also walked over a mile there and over a mile home. On the way back I carried Jackson for quite a while. He is no lightweight either. I swear the kid is at least 23 pounds. I just ran that race and here I was lugging my toddler around the city. I felt like a strong momma.

I have been thinking about what other races I can sign up for. This race was huge. About 40,000 people. It was an experience. I am used to Jason being able to meet me right at the finish line. Literally taking a photo as I cross it. He could not do that yesterday. I had a lot of fun though. I may do a smaller race for my next one. I do want to keep doing the longer races. I am doing the Dirty Girl Mud Run in June. I am so pumped for that. It isn’t just a running race. I hope to be able to use the rest of my fitness skills.

Now it is time to go look up some other races in between now and then!

Sorry I have no photos really of the race. I couldn’t find my camera while we were packing up to head downtown and we had to get on the road!

I do have this one before I left to make it to my corral on time. Jackson was eating breakfast and he wasn’t too happy to be interrupted 🙂

Getting ready to Shuffle, he was eating


Yesterday’s run was amazing. I felt the runner’s high all day. I still partially feel it. I am anxious to get back out there. I knew that I had missed running, but until yesterday I didn’t actually realize how MUCH I missed it. I am a runner. Bottom line. It is how I have described myself for a few years. Not running regularly since last August really meant that a part of me has been missing. Or at least on hold.

I genuinely wish I could be outside for a run with Jackson right now. I was saddened last night thinking about how I have to put it on hold until this weekend. I am determined to get a jogger as soon as he is ready for one. Jason and I were chatting last night and he said he would be up for family runs once we get one! Which is even more exciting. We can go for evening runs and weekend ones too!

Last night I took the plunge and signed up for a July 4th 5k! I figured yesterday I practically ran one. The only reason I stopped at 2.80 miles was because I finished my route and was back at our townhome. I can easily expand my running route now that I have a feel for the distance. I am SO excited to do this. It is a huge step towards getting back to the old fit me.

I also realized why I have been hating how the front of my thighs look. They lost the main toner they were used to! They sure are sore today. I am loving how sore they are. That is probably weird sounding to people, but I honestly appreciate sore muscles after a workout. It is like a small reward that keeps on rewarding!

I do need new running shoes. Mine felt “floppy” yesterday. So loose and broken in. I think they are nearly 3 years old! This week I will find a new pair. That will give me a few runs to break them in before July 4th.

Did you do anything active this weekend? Or did you achieve a goal you have set for yourself? Even something small? I believe it is important to take time for yourself, even if it means a 30 minute shower! The nearly 30 minutes I ran was very rejuvenating. I was able to clear my mind and get lost in my music and my thoughts.