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I have always loved words. Talking, reading, or writing. I am a chatterbox. I talk a lot. Always have. I used to get in trouble in school for being a social butterfly. I haven’t been able to put books down since I learned how to read. I have been writing since elementary school.

I always knew that I loved words in all forms. But I never knew that love could grow so immensely until I heard my child utter his first words. It started when he was around 9 months old. 9 1/2 months to be more precise. I stopped in my tracks the first time I heard him form a real word. I was caught totally off guard. He was crying for us. He had just woken up for the day. I went into his room. He was sitting in his crib and as soon as he saw me he started crying “momma momma momma” I couldn’t believe it!

Fast forward to now. Today (literally) he is 17 months old. I am desperately clinging to this last month of having a toddler under a year and a half. But that is for another post. Today I have to talk about how excited I am to hear WORDS from his precious pouty mouth. Last week he started saying “yellow.” He loves cars. He has this set of Maters. From Cars2. Mater in all of his secret agent disguises. There is a yellow one. I asked him, “Jack do you want your yellow Mater? Can you say yellow?” He looked at me and said “Wheh Whoa!” HE SAID YELLOW. That is not a particularly easy word. It is also a two syllable word. I was flabbergasted. I always ask him to repeat things or words I say. I am constantly asking him to try to use his words. Yet it still caught me by surprise. I was elated.

He has been working on the word flower for a while. I have flowers throughout the house. I have my wedding bouquet dried and on a wine rack in our dining room where we eat every day. I also have a fake orchid in my dining room. (I cannot have real plants. They die) But he has been taken with them for months. If you ask him where the flowers are he points. For a while he had been saying “fa” in reference to them. Yesterday he was working so hard to saying flower. “Ffffa-ah” On his own. We were sitting there enjoying breakfast and he started pointing and saying “ffffa-ah” over and over. Much later in the day we were at the grocery store. On his own he spotted some flowers and started saying “fffa-ah” again!

It makes my heart grow a million sizes bigger each time he gets a new word or phrase. I love communicating with him. I love hearing his little raspy voice work out new or old words. I am a big believer in using your words. When he is upset and having a tantrum I ask him to stop and use his words. I get to his level and look him in the eyes and tell him I can’t help him until he uses his words and tells me what he wants or what is wrong. If he knows the word he really stops and tries to tell me. I have found it to be a great relief during tantrums.

Words. They have been such a big part of my entire life. But I never truly appreciated them the way I do now. It is amazing the world a child can open up. The most simple thing, saying the word yellow, can make your day, week, and month so amazing!

my cool little talker

This week has been one of the longest weeks in a while. Not all in a bad way either. I have just been doing a million things, so has my hubby, and so has Jackson!

We are all looking forward to tomorrow. We head to the Pumpkin Farm with the grandparents! We have been looking forward to this weekend since last fall when we went and I was pregnant. The pumpkin farm we are going to is so neat. They even have real giraffes the kiddos can pet!

On Wednesday we had swim. The heater in the pool was broken. So the water was obviously a little cold. Jack was alright swimming for the first 10-15 minutes. Then he stuck his face in the water and choked a little. Normally he shakes that off and keeps going. But I think after that and the coldness he was done. He didn’t want to play at all. My little pumpkin kept trying to burrow into me. So we left early. Only to head into an even colder locker room! He was very upset. I tried to take a warm shower while holding him except the showers had a very rough stream and he didn’t like that either. I ran to change him quickly. While he was crying and making sounds I swear he said “momma” so clearly that I repeated the word to him saying “momma, yes momma is moving as fast as she can!” I have been trying to get him to say it again but I am not good at letting him get so upset he says it. It seems he only did it because he needed me so much at that moment. It is a step!

Yesterday at Gymboree he hit another milestone! He has begun the army crawl! Oh my!!! I was so excited and happy for him that I cried! He has gotten the concept that he needs to move his hands as well as his legs to go forward. He pulls himself with his little arms. It is the cutest thing. He is on the move. Thankfully not super quick yet. But it is just the start and I am in for an adventure. I am so happy for him. He has been working so hard at this for the past 2 months. Thursdays at Gymboree were upsetting for me and him until after the exercise part was over. He even went on to do it a home a number of times. Jason got to see it in person. We seriously have to measure for safety gates.

On a fit note. I have been trimming down my average mile time while running with the little man! I am back in the 11’s. Not my best time but I challenge you to push about 50lbs of stroller and baby and gear and see how your time changes. It has been an adjustment. You truly have to get in stroller pushing shape.

He is still asleep because of the crazy winds we had last night. They kept waking my poor baby up. He would sound terrified. He calmed down as soon as one of us went in there and comforted him. Thankfully. But I imagine he is exhausted. I am looking forward to whatever adventure with him today brings.