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This weekend, Memorial Day weekend, has been fantastic. The weather has been phenomenal! Yesterday we had a “day off.” No parties, no visitors, no obligations. Just the three of us enjoying a family day together!

It was much needed. We are always so busy we rarely have time for days like yesterday. Sometimes I really hate that. I mean Jack is barely 16 months old (he is officially 16 months in a week from today). It is kind of insane how busy we get with obligations and activities. It will only get worse the older he gets.

So sometimes it is nice to just take some time to spend together and ignore the rest of the world. We had a very outside day!

The morning and early after noon consisted of a trip the the spray park/beach down the street.

woo hoo spray park!

We took him a bit last year. He was still a little blob though. Mostly not even able to sit up on his own. He liked sitting in the water but couldn’t do much. I don’t think he remembered this place. It took him a second to warm up. It was kind of funny watching him walk around looking like he was thinking what the heck is this place! Then he had a blast!

We haven’t had time to do one of these pics in a while!

We used to always take photos like this. It seemed to have stopped after Jack was born. Too busy taking care of him or taking photos of him! But I made us stop for 2 seconds yesterday and take one. Ahhh the good old days!

Dad this is so fun

My boys were soaked! We were all having a blast. Jack is squealing with joy in this photo, not crying. He would just run around squealing. It was adorable. He cracks me up!

We hung out there for a quite a while. Then Jack spotted the beach….and pointed to it…..soooo….

first bikini photo of the year….


He thought the lake was TOO cold! But he loved the sand! I am hoping he likes the water a bit more as it warms up over the summer. But he really enjoyed the sand. We have a small beach in our backyard but I think it is a bit dirty. I don’t know who of our neighbors thinks it is ok to smoke there and toss their cigarettes but if I ever see them they will hear it from me. I think I have to get him a sandbox. This beach was pristine, it is paid to get in to. Mostly families. I didn’t notice any trash on the beach. But sometimes it would be easier to just walk out our door and play in a sandbox. Instead of hiking it up to the park.

dinner on the boat

After a very very very long nap on Jack’s part, we decided to have dinner on our boat. He LOVED the boat!He even kept pointing to other boats exclaiming “boat!!!!!”

no big deal just eating on the boat

It was like he was born and raised on the boat. No big deal to him. Walking around perfectly. Just eating the whole time. Playing with some toys. His hat even blew off and one point. Into the water. We had to turn around and Jason was able to grab it. Didn’t even phase him when I put the wet hat back on his head. This kid is a little boy through and through.

After our boat dinner we headed BACK to the spray park! I didn’t take any pics there because at that point I mean, they would look about the same as the morning. But we went and it was fun. We have a season pass. That is nice because we can come and go if we please. Without a season pass it is a bit expensive every day for adults. 8 dollars an adult each day! After a handful of visits the pass will have paid for itself.

Then Jackman stayed up until a bit after 9pm! We played in the living room. At one point all 3 of us started doing our own thing. Jack was in some other world playing with and arranging his toys. Happily playing on his own. Jason was on the floor playing a video game, and I was relaxing on the couch reading. So we ended the day of togetherness each doing an activity of our own choosing.

All in all it was a great family day. Today we have a birthday party to attend. Later this afternoon. I am going for a run after this. Gotta keep that bikini body looking acceptable! 🙂

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all our troops past and present!

We had a pretty good weekend here at our home. It wasn’t very busy or anything. Saturday I took time for myself. I got my hair highlighted and cut! Then I stopped home and felt like getting a pedicure. Jason told me to go, so I did. I hadn’t gotten one since Jack was born! When I went to my usual place the guy there said “You had the baby!!!!! The last time I saw you, you were huge!!!” haha so it really hit me how long it has been since I treated myself. I mean, I do workout and take that time for myself. But that isn’t a treat really. Sure, I happen to love working out, but for me, physical fitness is a part of life. It isn’t an option or a treat, it is a must. As much as eating, breathing, and bathing are musts in life. But a pedicure, now that is a treat! A wonderful relaxing treat. My toes look so pretty again. I think I am going to try to keep up with this treat from now on. It is getting easier for me to leave Jack for a while. Ha, not because I LIKE leaving him, but I worry less now that he is older. Now that his feedings are father apart I feel more relaxed when I am gone. I don’t watch the clock… much!

I still checked in with Jason. Jack gave him a hard time about napping. It was a 40 minute battle I heard, where Jackson was victorious. But I think it is good for Jason to see that side of taking care of him. It isnt always fun and games. AND when you are alone with him and he is upset, it is hard and very trying on your heart. So, I don’t always have to be the one in the trenches! I still missed him though. I mean, I miss him if he sleeps for more than 6 hours! Sometimes when he takes his long naps, in his swing….I want to wake him and kiss him. haha

We are BFF's and lovin it! 🙂

Sunday we went to church and then just hung out at home all day. I wanted to go for a run last night but I think my Mastitis is back. In the same boob. (yes I say boob. I like it better than breast, don’t ask why. Perhaps I am still 10 years old lol) So maybe I never really beat it? I am not sure but I am and was exhausted. I don’t really have the stomach flu symptoms I had the other week but the exhaustion is out of control. I am sad I didn’t run yesterday. I should have sucked it up. I did do pilates. Today I plan to do pilates when he goes down for his nap. Then my goal is to go running when Jason gets home. It is a goal, so we will see how I am feeling. Or if I decide to call the Dr and they want me to come in….I will see what they say it is then.

But overall it was a nice family weekend. The three of us just spent it together, not doing anything too crazy. I think we all enjoyed it. Jackson is in a great mood today. At least for now. I think I will be coming up with out weekly menu after this. Then we will head to the store after he gets at least one nap in. I have to decide what veggie I am going to introduce this week. Very exciting!

Oh and this little dude found his toes this weekend! I am so excited about that. Since I absolutely LOVE his baby feet! AHHH they are so cute and pudgy and I kiss them all the time. He thinks it is so funny when I play with them, and now HE has discovered them!  I am anxiously awaiting for the moment he puts them in his mouth! Being a mom is so exciting. Every day there this something new happening. He is learning something new and fun each day. I generally wake up wondering what new thing he will do today. He is amazing.

I did not go running yesterday. We got home from swim a bit after 9am and it was already ridiculously hot out. I thought getting back into running in extreme humidity and heat was probably not the best idea. Plus, we were trying to get Jackson down for a nap. He fought us for a while. We didn’t even get him down until 11. By then it was definitely too hot. Oh well. I did do a Pilates Ball routine. I had a hard time concentrating though because he was crying through a lot of it. I cannot block that out. No matter how much I try.

I am planning on doing the elliptical at some point. My husband is still sleeping and it is in our room. If both he and the baby are not up by 8, in a few minutes, I am just going in there to use it. He can deal. lol

Since it was his 4 month birthday we took him to Build A Bear. I definitely had the most fun out of the 3 of us! haha The poor kid had a belly ache and we didn’t realize it. He had his shots on Thursday and we believe that he was still not feeling awesome from those. By the evening regular Jackson was back though! I love this photo because he looks like he is thinking “Momma, please, can we just stop this nonsense and go home!”

Oh! Just heard the hubby get up and go into Jack’s room. He is up. Time to feed him, then I can work out! WOOO HOOO!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, we sure are!