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The baby weight journey is getting closer and closer to an end. Yesterday I weighed myself and the result was….drumroll please…..126.2lbs! It is kind of funny though. I have been taking a break from running. Not because I wanted to but because the weather was absolutely uncooperative. I had mentioned I started doing my SHAPE dvd again, along with squeezing in a run whenever temps were mild enough (like yesterday), tubing, wake boarding, and the general activity that comes with having a 6 month old. I also wear him a lot and he is pushing 17lbs. Not to mention that on vacation this past week I went on a hot walk with my family. I ended up carrying two of my cousins, no not at the same time, up and down a few hills for quite some time. Their little legs were tired so I decided I would give them some relief. My aunt was hilarious and said “Ok Jillian” haha One is 7 and one is 5 years old.

I am happy with my progress. I do not feel perfect yet, but I have previously shared that even before I had Jackson I never was 100% satisfied with my body. That is my battle to fight. I am used to it by now. I am incredibly picky and hard on myself.

But I am enjoying the satisfaction that comes with this weightloss. Hitting the 126 mark really feels like some boundary line. It is as if weighing 126 and below is satisfactory in my book. I do not know why this number feels so golden, but it does. I am so close to the platinum number that I feel really relaxed about it now.

I will definitely be back to normal before Jackson’s big Mouseka-bash in February. Oh yes, his party is going to be Mickey themed, since Mickey is his favorite.

What are your weightloss tips? How has your journey been going? Are you already at your golden number? Or maybe you have hit that platinum goal number! Maybe you have been successful at maintaining weightloss (I am looking forward to that day, ah a little less work and anxiety! I can maintain weight easily, I have done it before!) Share your thoughts/tips below!

I seem to always be starting my posts off lately talking about how busy we are. It’s true, so I will leave it at that. However, I am excited about this post. We had family over for the past few days. We spent a lot of time out on the water. Which meant, a lot of time with water sports.

I am proud to say that I have finally been successful at wakeboarding! I have gone around the lake several times while staying up!

Ignore the terrible expression on my face. I was having fun!

I mean, sure I eventually fell or told them to stop and gracefully went down. (That is my favorite way, for obviously reasons) I had this huge fear when it came to hitting a wake or any waves. I would just let go, and go down. I kept picturing myself hitting it, wiping out, breaking my neck, and Jackson not having a momma. No joke, my fear was that elaborate. I can’t help but consider those kinds of things now that I am a mom. Life is not just about me me me anymore. My existence currently keeps another human being fed, clean, happy, safe, loved, and a million other things. BUT I had to embrace this fear and get over it. To let myself have faith in myself. That I could do it. During our family’s visit our niece took her very first steps without help. We were able to witness it. If this tiny baby could embrace her fears of walking alone, I, as a grown adult woman, could embrace mine and try going over that wake.

So I did it. I had some faith, took a deep breath, and went over one, two, hundreds of wakes. IT WAS AMAZING. AMAZING. I had a blast. I could do it over and over. There were a few times I thought I was going to lose it. But I tightened up my core and my legs and regained my balance. I am looking forward to finding time to get out there again soon. And then there still were a couple of times I did lose it. I wiped out and I am still here to write about it. I even tried hopping a little with the board. I certainly did not get amazing air or anything, but I hotdogged a bit. I even wiped out a couple times because I was hotdoggin too much. Maybe one day I will jump like the amazing wakeboarders I am always staring at open mouthed on the lake!

I also conquered another fear this week. I put on a bikini. A bikini I wore before I even got pregnant. I don’t have a photo of myself in it really. Mainly because I tend to take most of the photos. I do have this photo of my in my coverup though.

Ignore the mess behind me. It was a child's playland all week! The kids were having a blast

I wore this cover up during our honeymoon. While a coverup is by nature baggy and lose fitting, this did not fit me when I was pregnant and even a bit after I had him. At least in the chest area. So now it does, comfortably, and well.

It was a few days of conquering my fears and I am feeling really great about it. I am happy that I decided to just suck it up and give it a shot, both wakeboarding and the bikini. So here is to accepting these life challenges and kicking their butts! I wonder what is next?