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This weekend was so busy! I had been trying to write a post for a while. I would get a little done, and then I would be needed or have to do something else! AHHH

Yesterday I weighed myself. 129.0! Another few ounces gone!!! I even stepped on the scale three times to make sure it wasn’t wrong. It read the same all three times. I am thrilled to be so close to 128. I was thinking about how a couple months ago I was in the low 140’s! YIKES! I have lost about 30lbs total since having this baby already. I am just 5lbs away from being back to where I was.

I attribute this to the following things:

  • Running again. My body was desperate to do this again. Or I was mentally. Either way, it makes a huge difference in my life. It works better for me than the elliptical. I will have to convince Jason to sell our elliptical this winter and buy a treadmill instead ha!
  • Pilates again. Yoga was great but for some reason my body responds better to pilates training. There is nothing quite so refreshing as an awesome core workout. When you feel those core muscles burn and you just know that you body is just a little bit stronger.
  • Carrying around a 15lb baby, whether it is in my arms or when I wear him while running errands. I generally always work up a sweat. That extra weight burns extra calories for sure.
  • Bouncing and “tossing” the aforementioned 15lb baby constantly (it happens to be one thing that can make him smile and laugh when upset) I don’t really toss him in the air, you know what I mean though. Lifting him above my head and back down again. It is a great toner for the arms and if you brace your core while doing it you get some core work in.
  • Not having ridiculous preggo cravings, like Dr. Pepper and Culver’s!(REALLY I wanted those and ate them?!?!? Like my hubby said when that started happening, “Who are you!?!?!” I am happy to be back in control of myself again. Glad the hormones are no longer in control of my brain)
  • Breastfeeding. It helps when you burn calories in the middle of the night because your almost 5 month old still doesn’t sleep through the night. Huh, I guess when I am complaining about being so tired I should remember he is helping me slim down. Yeah, that’s it. My little man knows how important it is to me to get back to my pre-preggo weight. He is just trying to help out anyway he can!
  • I always park far away in parking lots, even if I do have the baby. Extra steps always help.
  • Having the energy to cook about 99% of our meals again. It really can make a huge difference when you are controlling what you put in your meals and subsequently into your body.
  • All the general movement that comes with being a stay at home mom. Cooking, cleaning, playing etc with the baby.
  • Summertime. I actually find it easier for me to lose weight in the summer and I think it is because I am so active when the weather is nice. I really don’t LIKE cold weather. I like to snuggle up inside when it is cold out, with more comfort stews and foods (I do try to keep these healthier). I still work out regularly but I just don’t do as much extra movement as I do in the summertime.
  • Not being pregnant. That is a big one! HA. I am not gaining weight anymore. My body isn’t going bananas. Not having an ever growing human being taking up residence inside your uterus really helps with weight control.
  • Not letting myself fall into that “I am so exhausted” trap. I am usually worn out and exhausted every day. But honestly, I feel better when I do find time to workout.
  • Having a supportive husband. I will admit, having a spouse who supports your lifestyle is really key. I am able to go on 3 miles runs every night because he takes care of the baby while I do that. I get a little “me time’ and a run simultaneously. It will be a little easier come August 4th when Jackson is 6 months old and I can use a jogger.

I could likely sit here and think of a thousand other little things that have contributed to this. I won’t though. I guess the bottom line is, it has become my lifestyle. Health and fitness is such a part of me. We are intertwined. It is not something I am using as a quick fix. It isn’t a yo-yo diet or workout. This is me and how I choose to live my life. It becomes easier to maintain and achieve when you make it part of your daily lifestyle.

Oh and on all of those notes, I discovered a new Pilates studio. RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM MY HOUSE! They have just switched locations, which is why I never saw it before. I honestly thought I was going crazy for a bit. It is right next to my nail place, so I knew I would have seen it if it had been there a while. But I looked them up, they moved here a couple weeks ago. I am SO excited. I want to stop in sometime this week. Although, this week is extremely busy so it may have to be next week. I will post about why after Wednesday. We have something exciting going on! Ok, well I am off to squeeze in some pilates in my living room. The little man is STILL asleep. I am sure as soon as I roll down on to my mat he will wake up, but I can try, right?

I was working on another post throughout today but I am saving it for later. I am not done with it and I seriously think this one is more important.

I just caught myself stress eating! WTH! I have NEVER been a stress eater. I was the exact opposite. I used to lose my appetite when I was super stressed.

Jackson is taking his first nap since 9am! He only napped for 40 minutes then. He has been battling me all day. I finally gave in and put him in the swing. I just couldn’t take it anymore. Against my better judgement I am probably backtracking all the work I have done getting him to nap in his room. Although today was more like day 1 not nearly two weeks! Wednesday is two weeks since I started trying this….ugh

Anyway. I found myself eating to relax myself after I put him in his swing and he quieted down. I am blogging about this embarrassing fact because I want to nip it in the bud right this second. Unacceptable. First, I will never lose these last few pounds if I continue this atrocious behavior. Second, I will likely GAIN back all the weight I lost. All of my hard work and dedication would be for naught! I will say at least my choices were not too bad. I had one small frozen dark chocolate covered banana. The tiny diana’s bananas one. And some Pirate’s Booty, aged white cheddar rice puffs. So it is not like I scarfed down something from Man vs Food or anything. But still that is incredibly unhealthy behavior. I need to replace that with some relaxing yoga poses or a light workout or something. I already did a 30 minute pilates workout this morning. I am considering doing another short workout right now. Jackson is napping in his swing…..I mean I am supposed to cook dinner and eat in an hour, but I just stuffed my face! How ridiculous.

So here is me being accountable. I absolutely cannot fall into this trap. I am baffled as to why it is happening. I am guessing it is hormonal. And perhaps because I am breastfeeding. So losing my appetite is sort of physically out of the question, since I need food to fuel my body to produce milk for the baby. Whatever the HECK this is I want to it go away. What a dangerous road. I never understood this concept until now. I certainly hope that along with all the other hormonal ridiculousness that comes with breastfeeding, that this goes away.

I have seriously never been more disgusted with myself. WHO AM I???? Eating to feel better. Gosh…..I think I need to go workout to make myself feel better! UGH Shame on you Nicole! SHAME!