I got around to trying out the Ballet Conditioning dvd. I.am.in.love. Seriously. This is exactly what I expected/wanted. It brought me back to my last semester in school. I forgot how amazing of a workout ballet really is. I feel amazing. It is such a great total body workout.

What I like about this dvd:

  • The pace is perfect. I did not find myself getting lost.
  • She explains each move very well.
  • Her voice is soothing and relaxing.
  • It creates a relaxing yet intense workout. I was sweating a lot and using my muscles but I did not feel stressed, afterward I was totally relaxed.
  • You can immediately feel how much your muscles are working. The burn is good!
  • It is a total body workout, without feeling like a workout scene.
  • There is a nice amount of focus on the lower body, which is my current trouble area. Silly baby hips!
  • It is in the privacy of my own living room, so I don’t feel ridiculous for looking as ridiculous as I know I do! (I am a horrible dancer)
  • The pilates style core work towards the end of the dvd. It is great and your core starts to burn. I am a huge pilates fan, so incorporating this into it was right up my alley.

Possible cons:

  • If you have never taken a ballet class or have no experience with it, the terms may confuse you.
  • If you dont have the muscle memory of the ballet moves you may get a little confused with the footwork.
  • The jumps can get a little confusing because of the footwork. However, this was my weakness in my classes as well. I am not greatly coordinated.

However, the possible cons are easily fixed. You just have to do the dvd a few times! I was able to keep up without thinking too much because I have taken some ballet in the past. I remembered the positions both mentally and physically. She demonstrates each piece of footwork slowly at first. Then you do some quicker reps of each. I know that I will get better with the jumps in the next few times I complete the workout.

I give this DVD 5 stars. It exceeded my expectations. It definitely helps you create a lean, streamlined figure. She even moves the chair (the only prop you need) gracefully. Much more gracefully than I do! Perhaps in a few sessions I will also move a bit more gracefully. (HA! I am incredibly clumsy….so this is pretty much impossible!)