Tomorrow night I am finally getting out of the house, to a pilates studio, and going to a class! I haven’t done a class outside of the house since the night I went into labor with Jack! That was my prenatal swim class. I decided since we are done nursing it is time for me to get back into things for myself. I have the time now. Most importantly I won’t feel worried the entire time. Wondering if he is hungry, watching the clock. Or scrambling before leaving to make sure he nurses close enough to my departing time. I can just go, enjoy myself, relax, and get a good workout. It starts at 7pm. Jack often goes to be around 8. Since I don’t nurse him to sleep I don’t have to worry about rushing home. Jason can handle bedtime all on his own if necessary.

I signed up for a Barre class. It is a mix of ballet and pilates apparently. I have not taken this specific class before. I have taken pilates classes before. I do pilates at home. I have taken a couple ballet classes. I thought the combo could be interesting. I decided to start with this class because the elements are something familiar. I am looking for a place to go weekly. There are two pilates studios near my home. I plan to check them both out.

I still feel a little guilty about leaving and doing my own thing but I have to get past that or accept it. I think I have started to understand momma guilt never really leaves. I am home with him all day. We do a million things together. Yesterday we went to Gymboree Play class, he sort of napped for about an hour after, then we ate lunch, went grocery shopping (a long leisurely trip), we stopped at the park for a few minutes after shopping, we played with cars and trucks, we cuddled and both fell asleep until Dada got home, then after dinner we all had family play/reading time. I mean we do a lot together! It is ok for the both of us if I go do something alone for an hour once a week. Right?!?!?

I was hoping to make it to music class this morning, but Jack tends to sleep in late. Usually after 9. Class starts at 9:15 and it is about 20-30 minutes away. I may have to cancel Gymboree music and join a music class through our park district that starts later on Thursdays. I hate to do it because I LOVE the Gymboree family, but the music 1 classes just don’t work with our schedule! Oh poo!