This morning I did a pilates weight session. 25 minutes. I squeezed it in during Jack’s nap. Which it ended up being an hour and fifteen minute nap! lol If I would have known that I would have done a longer workout.

BUT this afternoon Jackson and I headed out to the store and I bought some brand spankin new running shoes! I could not WAIT to use them.

Jason got home a bit early today because of something with our boat. I decided I could not wait until Saturday. It has been out of control hot today, I am sure it hit the 100’s at some point. I went for a run around 5ish. It was 94 out when I left. Holy banana it was hot out! I pulled through though and ran my little heart out.

The shoes made it feel like I was running on marshmallows! It was great! My right knee feels amazing. Not that I have any diagnosed knee issues, but my right knee was hurting a bit. The last time that happened was before I bought my last pair of shoes. So I knew it was time.

I bought the Nike Dart 8, white/blue/silver. They aren’t super expensive or anything. I got them on sale at Kohls! They feel great and I am very happy with my purchase.

So in 94 degree heat I ran

2.7 miles in 27:31

I did wimp out a bit and didn’t do the 2.8 I have been, but this heat is brutal and I am happy with my time and distance!

Overall it was a fit day. Pilates in the morning, a trip to Target wearing Jackson (I used the stroller at Kohl’s), and a 2.7 mile run! 🙂 What will tomorrow hold??? It is like running and I haven’t skipped a beat!