I have been trying to find fun things to do inside as the weather gets chillier and chillier. Jack has a short attention span as he is a little baby. He wants to go and play but he can’t quite crawl yet. That can frustrate him. I have to keep things fresh for him so that he is happy. I was reading through the Gymboree iphone app on my ipad. I really like this app. It has a lot of fun ideas. Sometimes you get stuck in a rut doing what you’re used to. A refresher of fun kid activities is always nice.

We built a fort. Something I did all of the time as a kid with my two brothers. Our indoor forts were massive and would take up our entire living room. Yet, I forgot all about those days. One of the suggestions was “build a fort.” Right up my alley. So we did and we had fun. I may have had slightly more fun than Jackson, but eventually we will be on equal ground.

I really enjoy our play time and adventure time together. Sometimes I feel like I get to relive my childhood all over again. Being silly, building forts, singing funny songs, getting messy with food and whatever else, splashing in the tub, swinging at the park, going down slides, etc. Who wouldn’t want to be a mommy? You get to act like a silly dilly bar all over again!

Speaking of that our Neverland Pirate Band CD will arrive on Tuesday. The deluxe edition, meaning there is a Pirate bandana in it. I am not sure who I really purchased this for, Jack or me. I really like the Pirate Rock Band! HA!

Welcome to Fort Jack

Jack is working hard to build the fort....

Fort! I actually fixed a few things on it later

Playing in the fort

It had two rooms

Practicing his skills

Thumbs up Momma, I am just relaxin in my ball pit room

Back in the main room