I have gotten my average mile time to well under 10 minutes. Depending on the day it has been from about 9:15-9:34ish.

Yesterday I ran 3 miles with an average of a 9:24 mile. It was (and still is today) incredibly windy out. It has been sounding like Santa has been landing on my roof for two days now.

When Jason got home I went for a run. I didn’t really want to run. I had a million reasons why I could skip it. How incredibly windy it was outside was on that list. But I finally decided that I should just do it.

I won’t be running today because I have my ballet class. Tomorrow I have an eyebrow appointment at 6. I can go after but it all depends on how hungry my boys are. (For some unknown reason they expect dinner every single day. 😉 Crazy dudes!) Thursday I will run. Friday possibly in the morning, if I have time. I am being picked up around 11 to head to my friend’s wedding for the weekend. I am a Bridesmaid. Saturday who knows. I am still not sure how early hair and makeup will start. Sunday, well I will likely be a bit hungover and I am sure it will be a total no workout day. So I knew I had few chances to definitely get a good run in this week. I had to just do it, regardless of how lazy I was feeling. I did a Core Power Boost workout in the morning before Jack woke up. So this was my 2nd work out of the day.

Like I stated, it was windy! I had some Naked juice shortly before running. I was starving and needed something in my system. So during this run I was fighting the wind and I cramped up pretty quickly since I had drank that juice. As I ran across the boardwalk area that gets very close to the lake I run around, I was hit by a wave of water! YES! The wind was so strong it picked the water up and hit me with it. My left side was pretty wet. My ear phone wouldn’t stay in right because even the inside of my ear got wet. It was nuts.

Despite all of the obstacles I had going against me I managed a 9:24 pace. Not too bad. I was certain I would have a 10 minute pace when I was almost home.

I am working on getting it down closer to 9 flat. I would LOVE to break into the 8 minute pace. But one thing at a time. I am sure I can drop 15 seconds soon enough. I hope to have done that by the end of the summer.

I have no reason to want to do this other than for myself. I am not trying to lead any of the races I run. There is no one pushing me to run faster. I just want to. Plain and simple. I feel like it is this battle against myself. I can run over 3 miles without stopping or walking. I know I can run 5 miles without stopping as well. I did that at the 8k. I know I am strong enough to do these things. I keep telling myself that, even with a stabbing cramp in my left side. Hell, I gave birth with my epidural only working on half of my body. I didn’t scream once. I barely complained. I calmly said once “I don’t like this at all.” I just focused and did it. I can run faster and I can run longer each time I run.

I used to classify myself as a runner. Then I got knocked up and around 7 months I had to stop because his head made my bladder go nutso when I ran. Then I gave birth and nursed for a year. I ran a bit over the summer and into the fall but not like I used to. I had given up the idea that I was a runner. I didn’t do it enough to feel I deserved that title any longer. I did other workouts, mostly at home. So I stayed fit and in shape, but I was missing the running. I am so happy to have gotten back my self appointed title. I have found time for myself. I have remembered that it is ok to be who I am, even though I have a new title (momma). It is good to have time for myself doing something I love to do. I got lost there for a little while. So consumed with my infant. But once toddlerhood began I woke up a little. It is ok to have time apart from him. Even if it is just 28 minutes of a run at 6 in the evening. Yesterday when I walked in the door, and had been gone only about 29 minutes, his face lit up! Being missed is a good feeling and so is running nonstop until you get home to that chubby little face that missed you so.