Yesterday marked the end of our formal Reformer training. We actually finished the book on Thursday, but yesterday was a big review class. We went over any move we had a question on. Class flew by and we actually stayed 30 minutes over our normal time. It ended up being a 4 hour class. We even attached the jumpboards and had a mini jumpboard session. That was fun and another facet I look forward to learning a bit more about.

I say it marked the end of our formal Reformer training because I truly believe I have so much more learning to do. This will be hands on learning that I experience as I shadow, co-teach, and eventually teach entire classes myself. I know that I have read that book front to back, attended all of my classes, and reviewed it at home. You can learn a lot that way. It is just a base knowledge though. Experience will help me become the instructor I want and long to be.

As part of our Reformer culmination we all took photos of each other doing Front Splits. It kind of became an inside joke that I won’t go in to, but it ended up being super cool to do this for one another. This is a tough and advanced move. My favorite part of it is the concentration you must have in order to successfully do it. My mind is usually all over the place. I don’t think it ever shuts off. Being a busy mom who is in school and starting her career, you do not have time to stop thinking about things. This move requires you to only think about one thing, not falling off of that Reformer. Being in the moment, breathing, concentrating, and balance.


I woke up this morning feeling very excited about life. I am starting my career. It is funny for me, because, since we decided to try getting pregnant I wasn’t thinking about a career. I knew I wanted to stay home with the child we would eventually have. I was finishing up my BA in History and shortly after I graduated I found out we were finally pregnant. It took us a while for that to happen. I won’t write about that journey right now. But now, I am ready to start thinking about the career I never put on the front burner. Perhaps it is because I found something I have a deep love and passion for. Something that, for now, can work around my schedule as a mom. As he grows older and more independent I can add more to my plate. I am pretty sure my Mat workshop will begin this Wednesday. I am still waiting on 100% confirmation. If not this week then after the Holidays, which is fine too. I am flexible, pun intended. I know, I cheesy at times.

My joy of Pilates is overflowing to those around me as well. I recently discussed it with my dad and he is interested in training with me. I have taught my future sister in law, my mom, and my mother in law. Last night my husband said to me “I need to do some Pilates so I can be flexible.” He has also been talking up Pilates to those around him. Once it was in front of me, to our Realtor. I was taken aback to listen to him praise me and what I do. I always thought he was a little skeptical of it, but lately he has really been showing this appreciation for the practice of Pilates. He has been telling his employees about it as well, apparently. He came home and told me one of them was interested in it. I would never have pegged this person for being interested in it, but after Jason spoke about it, he did take interest  See, my love of it has caused a ripple effect. The way I speak about it has flowed over into my husband’s day to day life. Pilates can do that. Passion can do that.

We did some written test review. She just asked us questions out loud and we could answer if we knew it. Individually or as a group. This always makes me a little nervous, especially because now we all make an effort to not refer to our book. I am happy to say I knew a lot of the answers without looking. That is such a confidence booster! I know more than I think I know. It has been embedded in my brain because I have spent the time and energy trying to learn it. Last night I went to bed thinking about Reformer things and this morning I woke up thinking about them as well.

We have become intertwined, Pilates and I.

What is your passion? It doesn’t have to be fitness related, anything that you feel this deeply about. I feel this way about my son and husband too, so there isn’t always just one answer. Have you reached a point in life where you are feeling satisfied with your family life and career choice, be it staying at home or working outside the home? Like I said, I never thought a career would become this important to me at this point in my life, so everyone is different and everyone’s “ideal” can shift  over time.