Summer is always busy. It is even busier as a working mom. I am not complaining, as deciding to go to work was the best decision I have made as a mom! I just rarely have time to write. Or at least not as much time as I would like. When I do have free moments I fill them with other things. Today is my day off of working out. Mostly because I woke up with a terrible sinus headache from allergies. As well as the fact that I cannot remember the last day I didn’t work out! Yikes! So my time hase been split up a little differently. I have been able to squeeze this in throughout the day.

I am enjoying summer. I am enjoying my little man. Seriously, he is a little man. His baby days are rapidly fading. Yesterday he went on his first Carnival/Fair ride all by himself!


He loved it. He ignored us. Wouldn’t look at us and kept checking out that little cutie in the car behind him. We had a flash forward to teenage years! It was exciting to see his independence. Which, he has a lot of these days. He is my little free spirit who likes to try to be in control at times. He is very much his father and myself. There are so many personality traits of the two of us that shine through from him. Some good, some….challenging! Ha! I love him to the moon and back though. He is my life, world, love, and soul.

I dreamed of having him for years and years. I always wanted to be a mommy. I tried so hard for him. My love for him is often overwhelming. This weekend I decided to permanently mark exactly how much I love him.



I have wanted to get a tattoo for probably 10-12 years. I have thought about it on and off. I never found something I loved or was ready to commit to. Until this year. His name on my left wrist, the one that goes to my heart, is the perfect tattoo for me. I wanted something simple and more understated. I didn’t want it to be flashy or ornate. I spent a lot of time searching for the perfect font. This font screamed my son to me. It just made me think of him and his personality for some reason. I love it and I would do it again. I told Jackson that it says HIS name and it will be there forever. His face lit up and he got very excited. The next day we were chatting and I decided to ask him if he remembered what this said on my wrist. He said “Jackson!” He is so bright.

We all do little things to express our love for our children. It comes in all sorts of gestures. This was just one more way for me to express that love I have for Jack. Every single day I show it in a 1000’s ways. I love, hug, kiss, and support him constantly. At least I try to. Even when I tell him no more candy/sweets/cookies until he eats his meal I am expressing that love. I understand that children should get the chance to enjoy those parts of life, but they also need to be nourished. Not all gestures have to be a tattoo on your wrist. But it is an option! For me, I felt like I wanted to have my first tattoo be something I knew I would never ever regret. I will always love him and be his mommy. Always. This tattoo will Always be with me as well. He is my heart and my world.

Have you done something like this regarding your child(ren)?