I am sitting on my couch. I have on 2 shirts, a Lucy pullover, warm pj pants, socks, and my knit plum/mauve-ish Uggs. I am covered in a Lightning McQueen knotted fleece I made Jack. I am sipping hot water with fresh lemon and mint flakes. My own homemade tea. I don’t want to keep sucking down my green tea because it has caffeine. I would have used fresh mint leaves but I didn’t happen to have any today. I forgot to ask for them when the hubby ran to the store earlier today. My head feels like it is swimming under water. Last night, after getting home I took a detox bath. I am sick!

We were supposed to go Wisconsin today. I went to the studio this morning. To observe a private, which I ended up also partly teaching! What, my first private session!!!! I left after the first session because I was starting to get super cold and sweat at the same time. When I got home Jason suggested we stay home today. Jack is also sick. We could head to WI tomorrow and stay until Sunday. He then went to the store and got a bunch of things for Jack and me.

I laid down a little after 12. I got up around 2:45. Jason was putting Jack down for a nap and as they walked past my bedroom I heard him say “mom? mom? mom?” It woke me up in a panic. One of those mom 6th sense panics. You know when you hear your child sneeze in their closed bedroom all the way down the hall on the other side of the house? That kind of mom 6th sense. I was wide awake instantly. So here I am. Lounging on my couch. Sons of Anarchy is on, we missed Tuesdays episode. We usually have to play catch up. It is not a family friendly show.

This is our post Thanksgiving Day. Black Friday if you will. I do not go out shopping on Black Friday. No point. Not with the existence of Amazon! I have made a ton of purchases today. All majorly discounted. Last night, from the comfort of my brother’s couch, after dinner, I scored a Jamie Oliver non-stick 10 piece cookware set for 39.99. It was originally 179.99! Yes that is right, nearly one hundred and eighty dollars! That is a deal I love! No tax, no shipping, extremely discounted, and sitting in the comfort of my own home, or my brother’s in this instance.

Here is our Thanksgiving in some photos:

I got one good photo with him! That is rare these days…and we were BOTH sick! But Happy Thanksgiving none the less

His plate has a ton of food on it. He only ate a roll and some corn. Ha!

Cuddling with Daddy after dinner. This is rare for Jason. Jack usually does his cuddling with me, so Jason soaked up every second of this Daddy/son time! They sure are cute!

My brother has a Ball Python and Jack was fascinated. Talked about it all night. The best moment was when it was time to play with it. He kept wanting to touch the snake’s face. The boy is super brave when it comes to most things, especially animals.

This is an actual vacuum that was actually plugged in. He was legitimately vacuuming my brother’s house. He loved it. He LOVES to clean, even at home. He is always helping me clean

No family photo this year. Oh well. When two people are sick, priorities get rearranged. Plus, we were having such a fun time watching Jack explore and be himself. He had NO nap yesterday. He had a cold. He was an angel. Not one tantrum. There was no whining. Just having fun and spending time together. He was affectionate with everyone. Hugging everyone. Being picked up by everyone. It was a pretty perfect Thanksgiving.

We started our Christmas decorating on Wednesday. Jack is just as into that as he was Halloween! He got angry at Jason for turning off the tree lights too early before we left yesterday! He cracks me up. This year I put up some colored lights, I wrap a banister between  our dining room and living room. I usually use all white, but knew he would love the colors. I was right! He walks up to them, touching them, saying, “pretty!” Jason hates colored lights but even commented that they look nice and that Jack loves them. Being a parent can really change things and views in people, Christmas lights are no exception!

Happy Thanksgiving and lazy Black Friday.