We had a pretty good weekend here at our home. It wasn’t very busy or anything. Saturday I took time for myself. I got my hair highlighted and cut! Then I stopped home and felt like getting a pedicure. Jason told me to go, so I did. I hadn’t gotten one since Jack was born! When I went to my usual place the guy there said “You had the baby!!!!! The last time I saw you, you were huge!!!” haha so it really hit me how long it has been since I treated myself. I mean, I do workout and take that time for myself. But that isn’t a treat really. Sure, I happen to love working out, but for me, physical fitness is a part of life. It isn’t an option or a treat, it is a must. As much as eating, breathing, and bathing are musts in life. But a pedicure, now that is a treat! A wonderful relaxing treat. My toes look so pretty again. I think I am going to try to keep up with this treat from now on. It is getting easier for me to leave Jack for a while. Ha, not because I LIKE leaving him, but I worry less now that he is older. Now that his feedings are father apart I feel more relaxed when I am gone. I don’t watch the clock…..as much!

I still checked in with Jason. Jack gave him a hard time about napping. It was a 40 minute battle I heard, where Jackson was victorious. But I think it is good for Jason to see that side of taking care of him. It isnt always fun and games. AND when you are alone with him and he is upset, it is hard and very trying on your heart. So, I don’t always have to be the one in the trenches! I still missed him though. I mean, I miss him if he sleeps for more than 6 hours! Sometimes when he takes his long naps, in his swing….I want to wake him and kiss him. haha

We are BFF's and lovin it! 🙂

Sunday we went to church and then just hung out at home all day. I wanted to go for a run last night but I think my Mastitis is back. In the same boob. (yes I say boob. I like it better than breast, don’t ask why. Perhaps I am still 10 years old lol) So maybe I never really beat it? I am not sure but I am and was exhausted. I don’t really have the stomach flu symptoms I had the other week but the exhaustion is out of control. I am sad I didn’t run yesterday. I should have sucked it up. I did do pilates. Today I plan to do pilates when he goes down for his nap. Then my goal is to go running when Jason gets home. It is a goal, so we will see how I am feeling. Or if I decide to call the Dr and they want me to come in….I will see what they say it is then.

But overall it was a nice family weekend. The three of us just spent it together, not doing anything too crazy. I think we all enjoyed it. Jackson is in a great mood today. At least for now. I think I will be coming up with out weekly menu after this. Then we will head to the store after he gets at least one nap in. I have to decide what veggie I am going to introduce this week. Very exciting!

Oh and this little dude found his toes this weekend! I am so excited about that. Since I absolutely LOVE his baby feet! AHHH they are so cute and pudgy and I kiss them all the time. He thinks it is so funny when I play with them, and now HE has discovered them!  I am anxiously awaiting for the moment he puts them in his mouth! Being a mom is so exciting. Every day there this something new happening. He is learning something new and fun each day. I generally wake up wondering what new thing he will do today. He is amazing.